2 Month Baby Feeding Schedule | Baby Feeding Schedule By Age

2 Month Baby Feeding Schedule

For the better Health of the New-born, it is necessary to feed only the mother’s milk for six months.
It is essential for the new-born to have better health than to only drink breast milk for six months. Even if you need to feed medicine, feed it with your mother’s milk instead of water.

0-2 Months or 2 to 5 Months

Exclusive breast-feeding on demand

  • No water
  • No honey
  • No bottle milk

Feed your baby whenever he/she’s hungry — which will often be, as 2-month-old babies normally eat about seven to eight times a day.

Baby shows you ready to eat by making sucking motions, moving his hand to his mouth, crying, or flexing his arms here there.
Some babies cry too much.

Avoid excess feeding your baby by keeping an eye out for the signs he’s had enough, such as stopping sucking, sleeping, or turning away.

You can probably tell that if your child wakes up after a feed, but the baby seems active between warnings, content, and feeds, he often eats well and calmly.

At this point, you’ll be able to skip a moderate feed from dinner; As your baby’s stomach capacity increases, he doesn’t feel hungry until early in the morning.

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At 5-6 months:

  • Continue breast-feeding
  • Cereals –rice
  • Mashed banana, papaya, mango
  •  Cooked mashed potato, carrot, pumpkin

6-9 months

  • Continue breast-feeding increase all the above mentioned food
  • Add khichri (rice + dal) or
  •  mashed chapati
  • Wheat to be introduced after 8 months
  • Washed dal
  • Soft boiled egg
  •  Mashed vegetables
  • Mashed fruits

9 months

1 year

  • Rice/ chapatti/khichri
  • Washed dal
  • Mashed cooked vegetables
  • Mashed fruits
  • Soft mashed fish or chicken

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