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Star Healthline is a movement to an aware human being about diseases, medical treatment, and health issues.

Hello Dear,

Welcome to Star Healthline. Here, We provide authentic information about human health in-depth and easy to read format.

Our mission is to provide trusted health information and motivate readers for wellness.

Our vision is to make the world healthy by providing accurate information about Health.

Here is what you will find on Star Healthline 

  • Updated health information
  • Overall knowledge of all human Diseases
  • Causes of Disease
  • Signs and Symptoms of Diseases
  • Treatment of Diseases
  • Different therapies
  • Nutrition knowledge
  • Parenting knowledge

We bought the domain starhealthline.com in the phase of CORONA when the world was lockdown. We started this website as fun, but it has become a fantastic experience for us.

We feel the power of proper information, and it has changed the lives of many who have a physical and mental problem and get accurate information from our website.

Star Healthline has helped many individuals to become Healthy. This is done by getting proper information first and then react according to it.

If you have proper information about Health, then it’s an intense tool which can empower you beyond anything else as we know Health is a wealth

Star Healthline is a growing community for those who have the desire to be healthy. Nobody likes being sick! But we become ill because of many reason. Here Star Healthline, we talk about all this reason and its impact on humans.

We started this website out of our passions for learning and sharing. The idea of connecting with people and sharing our knowledge about health with the world convinces us to make this website.

Team Behind Star Healthline - AVIRA Group

1. Ronak Patel

Founder of Star Healthline

Ronak Patel is the founder of Star Healthline.  

As Star Healthline of Revenue and Media Strategy, Ronak Patel leads and directs sales efforts and strategies across teams.

Ronak Patel is also passionate about digital marketing and having ten years of experience.

Ronak Patel also has experience in building end-to-end e-commerce businesses. He leads a diverse group of 10+ marketers that specialize in social, SEM, SEO, product marketing, brand marketing, and corporate marketing.

Ronak and his team helped transform Star Healthline into the fastest growing health information site in the globe.

2. Vishal Patel

Director of Star Healthline

Vishal Patel has five years of experience in the field of Graphic Design.

Vishal Patel manages ideation, Image Creation, and Ads Graphic creation at Star Healthline.

In this role, he collaborates with content Writers, and other project leads to develop concepts, prioritize needs, and streamline workflow to create engaging and on-brand graphics.

His role is to create innovative and effective media content for the brand.

3. Ankita Patel

Managing Director of Star Healthline

Ankita Patel is the Managing Director of Star Healthline.

Ankita Patel brings her eight years of experience to create high-quality and engaging content.

Ankita Patel has done her graduation from Reputed College in Gujarat. She is also a Master in Business Management.

Ankita leads a diverse team of 20+ content writers that specialize in mental, medical-surgical, paediatrician, nutrition, and gynaecology.

Due to her passion for teaching, sharing knowledge, and teamwork, she easily creates valuable content.


Advertisements and Sponsorship Policy

Our mission is to provide trusted health information and motivate reader for wellness. We create content according to medical guidelines to ensure accuracy. We get revenue through advertisement that appears on website but we never allow sponsors to influence Star Healthline editorial content. We clearly distinguish sponsored and non sponsored content. We accepts advertising on the Website from third parties (“Advertisers”), which may include third party banners, badges, contextual advertising and content created or provided by an Advertiser (collectively referred to as “Advertisements” or “Advertising”).

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Privacy Policy

Star Healthline is committed to protecting the privacy right of users. By visiting and interacting with our Websites you may share certain information with us, as detailed below. We want to ensure you understand the information we collect, how we use and share it and how you can control your information. So please read our Privacy Policy. 

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Terms and Condition of Use

 Terms of Use described the legally binding terms and conditions that oversee your use of the Site. BY LOGGING INTO THE SITE, YOU ARE BEING COMPLIANT THAT THESE TERMS and you represent that you have the authority and capacity to enter into these Terms. YOU SHOULD BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OF AGE TO ACCESS THE SITE. IF YOU DISAGREE WITH ALL OF THE PROVISION OF THESE TERMS, DO NOT LOG INTO AND/OR USE THE SITE.

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Medical advice 
We do not provide medical advice. If you have medical emergency, call your local emergency services immediately.


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