Best Diet For Ulcerative Colitis

It is essential that what to eat and what not to do when you have ulcerative colitis. It is required to take care of the good and bad in ulcerative colitis diet.

When food is prepared, keep in mind that it is rich in protein, whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables, 10-15 grams of fiber each day. Those foods that can trigger these symptoms should be avoided.

Some simple diversions in the ulcerative colitis diet may be steaming vegetables and switching to a low-fat diet.

aip diet for ulcerative colitis
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Best diet for ulcerative colitis

Diet for ulcerative colitis

Early morning tea

  • Light tea 1-2 cups


  • white bread/ suji porridge with soya milk or suji, upma, Paneer/ egg white 2, Butter/ jam
  • Biscuits 2-3


  • Soup, Rice/chapatti from refined flour; de-husked pulses
  • Soft strained vegetables (potato, bottle guard, custard apple)
  • Paneer/soft chicken/fish
  • Curd
  • Banana/steamed fruit


  • Tea, sandwich/biscuit/egg whites 2


 same as lunch.

Foods to be avoided

  1. Milk in pure form
  2. Whole grains and whole dals
  3. Fried mutton, chicken, and other fried foods
  4. Vegetables with seeds and skin 
  5. All fruits with seeds
  6. Raw vegetables
  7. Spices and pickles.

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Anti inflammatory diet for ulcerative colitis

An anti-inflammatory diet focuses on raw fruits and vegetables. Several plant-based foods are good sources of antioxidants. Some foods, however, can trigger trusted sources in the formation of free radicals. Examples foods that people fry in repeatedly heated cooking oil.

It can be challenging to change to a new way of eating, but the below tips may help you

  • Pick up seasonal fruits, vegetables, and nutritious snacks during the weekly shop.
  • Gradually replace fast-food meals with fresh homemade lunches.
  • Replace soda and other sugary drinks with still or sparkling mineral water.

If you this article helpful : Nutrition Value of Food: Importance, Benefits, and Diet

Other tips include:

  • Talking to a healthcare expert about supplements, such as cod liver oil or a multivitamin.
  • Including 30 minutes of easy exercise into the daily routine.
  • Morning Walk 15 min
  • Following good sleep hygiene, as poor sleep can work entrusted source inflammation.

Frequently Asked Question

Do eating of millets help with ulcerative colitis?

These data indicate that reached the AOM/DSS + rice group, the millet diet reduced colonic inflammation and stopped the formation of colitis-associated colonic tumors.

Is anti-inflammatory diet good for ulcerative colitis?

You eat mostly plants in the traditional Mediterranean diet, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, or nuts. Limit meat and opt for olive oil, fish, or poultry. Warren often suggested this anti-inflammatory diet first for people without too many symptoms.

Are bananas good for colitis?

Bananas are high on healthy foods if you’re in an ulcerative colitis flare. They’re easy to digest. People with irritable bowel disorders, like ulcerative colitis, are often deficient in this mineral. Blend one cup of low-fat milk with one cup of yogurt, a ripe banana, and ice

Can I eat salad with colitis?

What you can eat on the low FODMAP diet: blueberries,0honeydew, and grapefruit. Carrots, celery, corn, eggplant, and lettuce. All meats and other protein sources.

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