Can Males Get Breast Cancer?

Many people do not know that the breast tissue of men is similar to that of women. Yes, he can also get breast cancer.

Breast cancer is considered the disease of women only, but very few people will know that men also get breast cancer.

Male breast cancer is a rare disease condition that usually occurs in men over 60 years of age. There is a lack of awareness among men about breast cancer.

Male breast is known as Gynecomastia.

can males get breast cancer
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Symptoms of male breast cancer

The symptoms of breast cancer are the same in both males and females. Some of the causes of breast cancer in the male are given below.

  • A lump in one breast
  • Bleeding from the nipple
  • Nipple retraction
  • Breast pain
  • Bone pain
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty in breathing, 
  • Feeling sick and
  • Itchy skin

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Causes of male breast cancer

  • Breast enlargement /subareolar mass with/without associated breast pain
  • It can be unilateral, bilaterally symmetric, or bilateral asymmetric.
  • Associated with increased levels of estradiol and decreased levels of testosterone
  • Physiologic changes at puberty and old age
  • Endocrine and hormonal disorders
  • Systemic disease
  • Neoplasm

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Diagnostic tests

After looking for signs of breast cancer in men, their biopsy is done. In this, a piece of the lump in the chest is taken out and taken to the lab for the test. It shows whether this lump is cancerous or not.

The doctor will suggest the following test:

    • History collection
    • Physical examination
    • Bilateral Mammography
    • USG
    • PET scan
    • Tumor Biopsy
    • Blood tests (CBC, Tumor markers)
    • Nipple discharge test

Treatment for male breast cancer

Breast cancer treatment is the same in men and women.

Modified radical mastectomy: transfer of whole breast tissue along with areola – nipple and axillary lymph nodes.

Total mastectomy: Removal of entire breast tissue and areola – nipple but no excision of axillary lymph nodes.

Chemotherapy: Sometimesdoctors ask to do chemotherapy for breast cancer. Chemotherapy is a drug that kills cancer cells. The doctor gives it in the form of an injection to the pain.

Radiation therapy: For male breast cancer, radiation is the main treatment. It will help you to kill your cancer cells.

Drug Use

  • Cimetidine
  • Marijuana
  • Thiazide diuretics
  • Omeprazole
  • Tricyclic antidepressants
  • Spironolactone
  • Diazepam
  • Steroids
  • Exogenous estrogen


A man is a diagnosis with breast cancer early. There is a good chance of treatment.

As soon as you see the symptoms of male breast cancer, start its treatment as soon as possible.

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