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Today’s post is dedicated to all chubbier out there to assist in weight loss using chia seed recipes and also includes some health and diet tips.

Chia seeds are part of the mint and are native to Mexico. Chia seeds are used as whole grains, but they’re pseudo-grain; they’re a non-grass plant’s carbohydrate-rich seeds.

When chia seeds find liquid, they grow and make a thick gel.

In recent years, Chia seeds have even been called “superfoods.” It Claims to abound about the several health benefits, in addition, they may help you lose weight. But can they help shrink your waistline? Read on to find out.

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Chia Seeds
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Do chia seeds lose weight?

There are various judgments on the internet that chia seeds control your appetite and promote weight loss.
This is because chia seeds are filling and high in fiber and keep you fuller longer. Therefore they may help prevent overeating.

A couple of spoons of chia seeds have around 10 grams of fiber. Forty percent is recommended consumption of chia seed throughout the day.

According to 2015 research, having 30 grams of fiber daily may help you lose as much weight as if you owned a balanced diet.

Chia seeds are also comparatively high in calories and fat. For example, two spoons have 138 calories and 9 grams of fat.

However, when used in balance, chia seeds may help you feel more satisfied and less likely to overeat. Still, if you feed too many during the day, you may go beyond your daily calorie limit.

Let me quickly give you a peek at everything you need to know about chia seeds.

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Chia seeds and heart health

Chia seeds are usually sold as heart-healthy because they’re high in fatty acids, though tiny, small seeds. However, most of the fatty acid in chia seeds is alpha-linolenic acid (ALA).

The research found that foods high in ALA may reduce your risk of metabolic syndrome and coronary heart disease.

But one study found that high ALA levels are associated with an increased risk of unexpected cardiac arrest.

The first answer you should have is, what are the benefits of taking chia seeds?

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Other chia seed health benefits

Chia seeds carry a lot of nutrition in a tiny package. Here are some of the benefits: 

According to new research, chia seeds are approximately two times higher in antioxidants than before. Thus chia seeds help prevent cell damage caused by an unpaired electron in the body.

Two spoons of chia seeds contain around 4.7 grams of protein.

Chia seeds are gluten-free. That makes them a popular protein source for people with celiac disease.

Chia seeds don’t contain multiple vitamins, but they’re an excellent source of calcium. Calcium supports strong bones teeth and also supports healthy metabolic function. 

Chia seeds also contain zero cholesterol. They don’t own any vitamins to speak of, but they’re a great source of the following minerals, they are…

  • Calcium
  • Phosphorous
  • Manganese
  • Zinc
  • Copper

If you use chia seeds on a daily basis, you might be asking for chia seeds recipes for weight loss. So, let’s see all the recipes in the upcoming section.

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Chia seeds recipes for weight loss

Chia seeds almost have no taste, so they blend well with many ingredients. 

They may be blended with any liquid, such as juice or water. However, make sure chia seeds have completely grown before eating them. 

Do not eat dry chia seeds, especially if you have difficulty swallowing. According to experts, chia seeds absorb their weight in water many times; dry seeds may expand in the esophagus and cause a blockage.

Try these chia seeds recipes: 

  • Smoothies
  • Oatmeal
  • Salads
  • Salad dressing
  • Yogurt
  • Soups or gravy
  • Muffins
  • Homemade bread
  • Baked goods in place of eggs
  • Chia pudding

When using chia seeds, please recognize that the more seeds you use, the longer they sit and thicker the final product. 

If you don’t like the flavour of chia seeds, you could blend them to your preferred consistency.

Chia seeds are almost tasteless and can be added to your favourite recipes. I recommend sprinkling Navitas Organics Chia Seeds over oatmeal or adding them to smoothies, salads, or yogurt as a filling snack for added texture and protein.

These mighty seeds hold up to 12x their weight offering powerful thickening abilities. Make a vegan egg substitute using a tablespoon of chia seeds to 3 tablespoons of water.

After learning the various ways to add chia seeds to your diet, let’s see the potential.

Protein in chia seeds

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Chia seeds are a high amount of protein. They’re about 14 percent protein, which is very high connected to most plants by weight.

They also produce a good balance of amino acids, so your body should be essential to use their protein. Protein has benefits and is by far the most weight loss friendly nutrient.

High protein intake is associated with increased fullness after snacks and decreased food intake. A high protein consumption lowers appetite and has been shown to reduce obsessive thoughts about food by 60% and the desire for night snacking by 50%. Chia seeds are a good protein source, especially for people who eat little or no animal products.

Adding chia seeds to the diet reduces weight and provides protein. As a result, many experts believe they can be a useful increase to weight loss.

When combined with a real-food diet and a healthy lifestyle, chia seeds may help weight loss.

Right now, you’re probably wondering what the best time to drink chia seeds for weight loss is. So here’s the answer.

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Best time to drink chia seeds for weight loss

Consuming chia seeds water in the morning helps to boost your digestion and improve your bowel movement. Healthy digestion is an essential condition to weight loss.

I was looking for a Chia Flaxseed blend, and Spectrum Essentials Organic Ground Chia Seeds are perfect! You can put this in your smoothies, and it blends in perfectly. You can not tell it is there, so it adds many benefits without tasting it! Try to add this to other foods to add some nutrition to other foods other than smoothies!

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Now, the big question is: How to add chia seeds to your diet? So, let’s go through the answer.

How to add chia seed into your diet, or How do you use chia seeds for weight loss?

It is fine to snack raw chia seeds, and some people like the taste. However, many studies of chia seeds have used relatively high doses, which amount to much more than a single serving.

There are several simple ways to add to people who struggle to eat more chia seeds. First, try any of the following:

  • Add full of one tablespoon chia seeds to your morning smoothie.
  • Sprinkle chia seeds on your salad.
  • Cook it with chia flour.
  • Make chia water by soaking one part of chia seeds in 16-parts water for 20–30 minutes. Drink it solely or mix in honey, lemon, or fruit juice to add flavor.
  • Add chia seeds to trail mix.
  • Make a chia pudding by mixing the seeds into milk or yogurt and leaving it overnight to thicken. Add honey or fresh, dried fruit to make it a tasty breakfast.

To make things easier for you to take chia seed, I’m suggesting only those options that work for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much chia seed should I eat to lose weight?

2 tablespoons of chia seeds have nearly 10 grams of fiber. That’s around 40% of the recommended daily intake. In addition, according to a 2015 study, consuming 30 grams of fiber daily can aid you in losing as much weight as if you follow a more complex diet.

Can chia seeds reduce belly fat?

Chia seeds are the best superfoods to lose weight. From boosting digestive health, metabolic rate, high iron, Omega-3 content, and good fats, chia seeds make for an excellent addition to your diet. But, most of all, the tiny white and black seeds are great for you to lose weight and reduce belly fat.

Do chia seeds make you poop?

Specifically, chia seeds are a great source of fiber, which soaks water to form a gel that softens and moistens stool for easier passage. In addition, one study found that chia seeds could absorb up to 15 times their weight in water, allowing for even easier elimination.


Chia seeds are a nutritious pseudo-grain, part of a healthful weight loss plan. But they’re not recommended for a quick fix to drop a dress size. And if you overeat, they may ought the reverse effect.

Chia seeds are tasteless except blended with other foods or flavoured liquids. Some prefer to get their calories from a more satisfying source.

Nevertheless, you’ve probably seen delicious-looking puddings and smoothies made with chia seeds popping up on your Instagram feed a lot recently.

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