Children’s Mental Health and Emotional Well being in Primary Schools

When a child is going to School first time or child is migrating from one School to another school, there are so many mental and emotional problems faced by the child, and it is necessary to identify for the guardian, parents, or caretakers for getting a solution.

Mental health problems face by childlike anxiety, phobia, depression, stress, etc. They affect the mood, thinking, and behavior of a Child.

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Factors affecting to mental health of child

  • Due to newer social environments, Child has difficulty in exposing himself to other children.
  • Children have a fear of losing their identity. 
  • Many times Children are emotionally unprepared to leave the home environment.
  • Leaving parents cause stress.
  • The school environment may also influence the child’s mental health.
  • Involvement of parents in their child’s education.

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Management of child wellbeing

  • Assessment and Analysis of the family help define the family’s beliefs and values about child-rearing 
  • Parents and teachers are sources of information for child behavior such as hyperactivity, academic problems, antisocial behavior, etc
  • During the initial assessment interview, the nurse observes the behavior of Parents and children and identify the problem.
  • The family members will ask to describe their relationship and roles, including the child’s role in the family.   
  • The parents’ level of knowledge about the normal processes of child. 
  • Take Detail history of child growth.

Mental health improvement of child

Relationship Therapy with emotionally disturbed children may focus on the individual needs and problems of child

The goals of brief psychotherapy therapy focus on the central issue or problem, which is openly discuss with the child and his family

Play therapy offers the child an opportunity to experience growth under the most. 

Favorable conditions. Because play is the child’s natural medium for self-expression. He uses the therapy time to play out his accumulated feelings of fear, tension, confusion, frustration, and aggression.

Family therapy observes the family system in action, noting patterns of interaction among family member  

Behavioral approaches to treatment with emotionally disturbed children include the use of special techniques such as token economies, “time out” (from positive reinforcement), and rewards for certain behaviors.

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