Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For ADHD Child | Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Bipolar Disorder

What is CBT?

  • Cognitive behavior therapy is talking therapy that changes the way you think.
  • CBT breaks the actual problem into small parts and tries to solve the issues.
  • How we think, feel, or emotions and attitude impact our behavior and emotional issues, so it should be treated by specific cognitive behavior therapy to bring the changes in thinking and behavior medicine.
  • It also helps children with ADHD.
cognitive behavioral therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy for ADHD child

ADHD children may have a hard time sitting still and may engage in impulsive behaviors. While there are medications to manage this disorder, sometimes they’re not the first or only treatment choice.

But with medications, some children have persistent symptoms. Study shows that for some teens, adding CBT works better than medication alone.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy aims to get ADHD kids to think about their thoughts, feelings, and behavior. It may be helpful for some normal kids also.

In part, CBT helps kids replace negative thoughts with ones that are more realistic and positive.+

Cognitive behavioral therapy for bipolar disorder

Typically, the core treatment for bipolar disorder is a combination of medicine and psychotherapy

CBT is one of the most common types of psychotherapy.

CBT can be used in several ways, including:

  • Acting as an alternative treatment when medications are ineffective or not an option
  • controlling the symptoms of mental illnesses
  • preventing behaviors that can result in a relapse into those symptoms
  • Help to control emotions, stress and anxiety, depression.

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How do CBT works?

  • CBT works with the situation, thoughts, feelings, and behavior.
  • In that how you perceive the situation, how you think, feel, and behave towards the particular events.
  • e.g., you saw your friend in the market, and he didn’t respond, you might be he didn’t notice him. After going home, you feel that he has not talked with me. He is not my friend, and you feel sad, but instead of thinking that might he has not seen me or might be busy like that, you can give a positive direction to your mind. It’s all about the way of our thinking.
  • CBT makes you cheerful and happy. It means making them less harmful and less irrational. Usually, when a client can do this, they start to feel better. CBT therapists also try to help by directly addressing behaviors. 
  • CBT takes place six weeks to 6 months. Each session takes 50 min.
  • Cognitive therapy is a psychotherapeutic approach based on the idea that behavior is secondary to thinking. Our thoughts influence our moods and feelings. The therapist helps the patient how to correct behavior, review, and emotions.

Thought interpretation of depression includes

  • A Negative view about self
  • A Negative view of the environment
  • A negative opinion about the future
  • Cognitive therapy is used to treat depression, anxiety disorder, panic disorder, phobic disorder, and eating disorders.


CBT is useful in...

  • Treatment of mental illness
  • Stress management
  • Cope up with medical illness
  • In loss and grief
  • Management of physical condition. To help with the mental and physical health problems. Improve your personality. And most important, your overall behavior towards anyone is positive. 


While CBT can be effective for many people, it doesn’t work for everyone. If you don’t see any results after a few sittings, don’t feel sad. Check-in with your therapist.

An experienced therapist can help you understand when one approach isn’t working. They can usually suggest other approaches that might help more.

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