Coronavirus Back Pain: Is Back Pain a Symptom Of Covid 19?

It is becoming more challenging to understand which symptoms you are more at risk of getting the coronavirus. So far, dry cough, severe Back pain, diarrhea, and vomiting are also symptoms of the corona.

So far, nine such symptoms of the coronavirus have been reported. Now the American Center for Disease Control (CDC) has also added three new symptoms to it.

If there is a slight pain in the waist, then it gets cured by doing home remedies. However, if the back pain is not cured even by home remedies, you should go to the doctor.

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What does covid back pain feel like?

Suppose you have muscle pain with symptoms like fever, dry cough, loss of taste and smell, sore throat, headache, or aches. It could be a sign of COVID-19.

Back pain with Covid will feel different. It feels such intense pain, deep rather than sharp.

People who have technically recovered from COVID-19 but still experience long-term symptoms or side effects—reported experiencing back pain.

COVID-19, like and other viruses, will cause systemic symptoms; it may cause generalized achiness throughout the body.

Causes of covid 19 back pain

When you get ill, your body sets off an immune system response to fight what doesn’t belong there, such as a harmful virus. Joint pain in the back is due to the body’s inflammatory response to the viruses.

These infections cause shaking, chills, body aches, and difficult mobility.

More specifically, the muscle aches and pains result from cells of the immune releasing interleukins, which are proteins that help you in the fight against pathogens.

However, having back pain does not mean that you have Covid-19.

Although aches and pains can be a symptom of Covid-19, other conditions and injuries are commonly associated with back pain., include sitting too much, poor posture, and working from home. A sports injury, a bulging disc, arthritis in the spine, or osteoporosis could also be blamed.

If your back pain is more than several weeks, becomes severe over time, or is accompanied by unexplained weight loss in the limbs, talk to your doctor for proper treatment.

Your doctor guides you to get tested if you have other symptoms of covid-19. If your illness is considered mild, he will also explain how to treat your symptoms at home.

What are the suggestions according to the doctor?

  • If there is more pain in the back, then the doctor may suggest NSAID medicines. Ibuprofen can ease back pain.
  • To reduce the excessive back pain and cure muscle relaxation, the doctor can prescribe medicines.
  • In low back pain, cream or paste may be suggested to be applied at the place of pain.
  • If medicines do not affect, doctors suggest applying cortical injection and taking codeine medicines.

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Home remedies for back pain

Mix salt in water, heat it, and steam the waist with a towel, reducing back pain.

Mix some garlic in mustard oil or coconut oil and heat it and after cooling, massage the waist.

One should not sit on the chair for a long time and keep walking for a short time to prevent back pain.

If there is weakness in the bones, then take calcium-rich things, strengthening the bones.

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