Covid Muscle Spasms: All You Should To Know

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention currently added new Covid-19 symptoms to its official list.

In addition to the usual shortness of breath, dry cough, and fever, the CDC also lists chills, repeated shaking with, headache, chills, sore throat, the new loss of smell or taste, and muscle spasms to the list of signs a covid 19 infection.

To be clear, many of those signs aren’t brand-new data: In March, ear, nose, and throat specialists in the US warned that lost sense of smell and taste might be a symptom of Covid-19; and anecdotally, people have also listed sore throat, headache, and chills.

The newly-added symptom of muscle spasms, however, may be a few more unusual than the rest.

While body pain and aches can result from much anything, it turns out covid 19 -related muscle spasms is a bit different.

I had earlier shared Is my Sore throat Covid or allergies?. I hope you read the post.

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How common are muscle spasms covid?

According to the WHO, the Centers for Disease Control doesn’t provide that information on its list of symptoms, but muscle spasms were a little less common than other well-known covid 19 symptoms.

A WHO report, which analyzed 55,923 laboratory-verified cases of Covid-19 in China, found that 14.7% of cases reported muscle spasms (joint pain).

That’s significantly less than the number of patients who reported a dry cough (67.6%) and fever (87.7%) and but less common than other symptoms like fatigue (38.0%) and shortness of breath (18.6%). It is, however, slightly more general than a sore throat (13.8%), chills (11.4%), and headache (13.6%),

Why does Covid -19 cause muscle spasms?

Muscle Spasms usually caused by muscle pain (myositis)—aren’t an uncommon sign of a viral infection. “In usual covid 19, like other viruses, can cause inflammation of the muscle tissue.

Research explains that muscle spasms resulting from a viral infection are caused by damage to the muscle fibers from the virus.

The virus triggers an inflammatory response within your body through inflammatory cytokines that essentially indicate the immune system to get to work that can create abnormal muscle breakdown.

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What do muscle spasms from covid-19 feel like?

According to research, the muscle spasms associated with Covid-19 usually feel like “tenderness to the touch of the muscle or Spasms with movements of the muscles.”

While muscle spasms from a workout can feel similar to the pain caused by a virus-like SARS-CoV-2, virus pain leads to be more generalized, while exercise- or injury-related pain tends to be more localized in a specific muscle.

Virus-related muscle Spasms and exercise-induced muscle pain are also different in how long they take to resolve.

Viral muscle issues tend to resolve in weeks to months after the infection clears, while he notes that muscle soreness from exercise leads to resolve within 48-72 hours.

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How can you treat muscle Spasms from Covid-19?

According to the investigation, “muscle spasms from exercise can be relieved by icing, light stretching, rolling, massage before starting your work routine.”

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Does ibuprofen help muscle spasms?

When it occurs to muscle pain that may result from Covid-19 or another viral infection, treatment looks a few different.

Medicine physiatrist specialist recommends bed rest, fluid hydration, and general signs manage with pain relievers like acetaminophen or NSAIDs, aspirin, and ibuprofen.

Research notes, however, that if you don’t feel relief from the above recommendations, you should seek medical treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Post-Covid-19 Situation?

Some people with Covid-19 have symptoms that persist for weeks or months after they recover from the illness, known as ‘post-Covid-19’ or ‘prolonged COVID’.

Who is at increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19?

Older people are at increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19. And people with other medical problems, such as chronic respiratory disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer, are more likely to develop serious illness.

What are the primary symptoms of COVID-19?

Some of the primary symptoms seen in a person infected with Covid 19 are fever, difficulty breathing, dizziness, headache, dry cough and in some cases loss of smell and taste. In some cases, diarrhea and fatigue have also been reported.

What is the best treatment for muscle spasms?

  • Treatment and management
  • Stretch the affected part.
  • Massage the affected area with your hands or a massage roller.
  • Get up and walk around.
  • Put together an ice pack or apply a heating pad/warm bath body heat.
  • Take painkillers like ibuprofen and acetaminophen.


Muscle Spasms are a possible symptom of Covid-19 but can also occur due to many other conditions.

Pay close attention to your other signs and symptoms and their onset and duration to determine if your muscle spasms are due to Covid-19. But remember that the way to be confirmed is to get a Covid-19 test.

Often, Muscle Spasms can be treated with pain medicines. However, in some cases, it may require other treatments. See a doctor if you have severe muscle spasms or continue to get more critical.

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