C Reactive Protein Covid Test | CRP C Reactive Protein High Test

Apart from RT-PCR and CT scan, a few other tests can help you track the severity of Covid 19 infection and begin suitable treatment. One such test is the CRP test.

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This article will tell you what a CRP test is and it can help Covid patients.

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CRP C Reactive Protein High Test
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CRP test

CRP stands for C-reactive protein. It is a test that helps in identifying the appearance of pain or infection in the body.

It is a usually used blood test to detect increased levels of infection in the body. A raised CRP level has been seen in most people experiencing Covid infection.

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What is inflammation?

Inflammation is an umbrella term used to define the release of chemicals included in the immune system. CRP test mixes signals from different proteins involved in inflammation, called cytokines, which provides physicians with a picture of a person’s inflammatory action a few times.

A high CRP level indicates that the infection in the body is increasing because the liver in the blood provides C-reactive protein.

Even if the person’s normal SPO2 and CRP levels are more than 70 mg/L, it can signify an impending cytokine storm, calling for urgent medical treatment.

Normal CRP level

The normal CRP concentration levels reach from 30-50 mg/L.

Why does the CRP increase in Covid?

The production of inflammatory cytokines can begin at suggested levels of CRP level. The cytokines attack against the pathogens, but they can damage the lung muscles when hyperactive system.

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Who must take the CRP test?

As per researchers, for patients with mild to moderate Covid signs and symptoms, a CRP test is not required unless the patient has some severe symptoms even after passing the five days of disease.

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People who have more severe symptoms during any time of the infection requirement get their CRP test succeeded.

When done on time, the test can decrease the chance of the infection’s severity.

How is the CRP test done?

A blood sample is used to measure the level of CRP in your body. It usually takes less than a minute and sounds like a string.

CRP c reactive protein high

Doctors don’t agree on the indications of high CRP levels. However, some believe there’s a similarity between high CRP levels and an increased possibility for heart attack or stroke.

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Health Study found that with healthy adult men, those with a high level of CRP were three or four times more likely to have a heart attack than those with low levels of CRP. among men who had no history of heart disease.

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According to the Health Study, high CRP levels were more predictive of women’s coronary conditions and stroke than high cholesterol levels.

High cholesterol is a more usually called risk factor. In addition, the study found that -CRP may perform a function in the growth of type 2 diabetes in Americans.

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Doctors may order this test in connection with other tests to assess a person’s heart disease or stroke risk. 

New research suggests CRP may be used as a predictor of health problems related to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. 

Doctors may also request a CRP test to test inflammatory autoimmune diseases, including:

  • lupus
  • Inflammatory bowel disease 
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

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