Cyanotic Breath Holding Spells Infant | Pallid Breath Holding Spells

Breath Holding spell has major Four types like Cyanotic Breath Holding, Pallid Breath holding spell, simple breath holding spell and complicated breath holding spells. 

The breath-holding spell is the cessation of breath for a short period, like 1 or 2 minutes, mainly when the child is impulsive or aggressive or in conflicts.

It is mainly seen in a child with an emotional disorder, and it is known as infantile syncope.

Cyanotic Breath Holding Spells
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Cyanotic breath holding spells

In Cyanotic Breath-Holding Spells, the child is very aggressive, or the child has painful emotions due to that child will cry and leading to a problem in the expiration of breath.

It leads to cyanosis, in which the child has a low level of oxygen in the blood due to that child’s nail and skin become bluish.

Child will lose muscle coordination, and loss of consciousness and sometimes epilepsy(unconsciousness of the brain) can also occur in the child.

I have already covered : What Causes Epilepsy In Children?

Pallid breath-holding spells

Due to the painful situation Heart rate of the child become slow, and lose consciousness. 

The child stops breathing and becomes pale if it is more than a few seconds, muscle tone increases, and strokes.

Generally, Pallid Breath-Holding Spells seems in toddlers.

Simple breath-holding spells

Simple Breath-Holding Spells is the most common type. In this, the child will holding of breath in inspiration and expiration.

When the child is in conflict or frustration, there is the cessation of breathing in inspiration and expiration.

Complicated breath-holding spells

It is more dangerous than any other type. It is the combination of a cyanotic and pallid breath-holding spell.

Causes of breath-holding spells

  • Biological factor
  • Dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system
  • conflict between the parent and the child. 
  • Rise intra-thoracic pressure when breath held is released
  • Lake of oxygen into the brain
  • Iron deficiency anemia

Signs and symptoms of a breath-holding spells

  • Body stiffness
  • Epilepsy(unconsciousness of the brain)
  • Decreased heartbeat
  • Crying
  • Increased sweating
  • Holds his/her breath
  • Cyanosis after few seconds
  • Loss of consciousness

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How to prevent breath holding spells

Psychotherapy and Drug therapy is sufficient in breath holding spells.

As the child grows, the symptoms of the breath-holding spell are gradually decreased.

Give empathy and sympathy to the child, give personal security, and ensure the child is getting enough rest.

Protect the child from injuries to themselves.

Avoid sharp objects from the child`s surroundings.

Do not afraid or become panic and directly consult your doctor.

If the child spell and stop breathing for one minute, give rescue breath to the child.

This is the common in todays generation. If u have a trouble dealing with your childs spells don’t be panic in this situation. Call your doctor, or go to the doctor for the proper treatment. But in this case Parents should be alert more and give a enough attention to the child.

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