Does Tea Tree Oil Kill Head Lice? | What To Mix With Tea Tree Oil For Lice?

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Tea tree oil is obtained from the leaves of the tea tree plant. Original people in Australia have used it medicinally for a time. In addition, people around the planet use tea tree oil as a remedy for various conditions.

With other uses, people believe that tea tree oil can kill head lice. But not all experts are satisfied. Research is needed before scientists can conclude.

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Does tea tree oil kill head lice?

More research is required to learn how effective tea tree oil is for fighting lice. In particular, scientists need to send more large, well-designed experiments.

Some studies recommend that tea tree oil can be useful for treating head lice. For example, one study published in research suggests killing head lice in the nymph and adult stages of life. In addition, tea tree oil treatments reduced the number of lice eggs that hatched.

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Uses of Tea tree oil to kill lice

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Why This Works:

Tea tree help kill lice. It works as lice repellent.

You Will Need:

  • 5-6 drops of tea tree oil
  • A cotton ball
  • A head towel

What You Have To Do:

  • Soak the cotton ball in the oil.
  • Apply the ball to your scalp.
  • Cover your hair in a towel and leave it a full night.
  • Wash as the following morning.
  • Do this for two weeks till you get complete relief from lice.

Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

The lice-repelling lots of tea tree oil can help.

You Will Need:

  • Shampoo
  • Few drops of tea tree oil

What You Have To Do:

  • Take shampoo in your palm.
  • Add drops of tea tree oil.
  • Mix and clean your hair as usual.

How Often You Should Do This”

You use this remedy once a week for a few weeks.

Tea tree oil shows promise.

A study published in BMC Dermatology found promising results. The researchers used three different products to treat children with lice, including tea tree oil and lavender oil.

What to mix with tea tree oil for lice?

Parents can mix three to five drops of tea tree oil to each measure of shampoo or mix three tablespoons of carrier oil — like coconut or olive — with a teaspoon (tbsp) of tea tree oil and apply to infested hair for 30 – 40 minutes.

It might keep lice away.

In the International Journal of Dermatology, a study compared botanical and synthetic substances for stopping lice in primary school-age kids. The researchers compared tea tree oil, peppermint, lavender oil, and DEET.

Tea tree oil appeared to be useful for repelling lice. Also found tea tree oil and lavender to prevent some feeding by lice on the treated skin. However, while the results show promise, the investigators concluded that none of the treatments were effective enough to endorse.

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Side effects of tea tree oil

  • Tea tree oil causes skin irritation and allergies in some people. It has been known as a contact allergen.
  • There is no sign stating that tea tree oil is safe for breastfeeding women. So, stay safe and avoid use.
  • Tea tree oil can be deadly if ingested in high doses. So, use it for the topical application alone.

What’s the proper dose?

If you use tea tree oil as a head lice treatment, you can be wondering how much you should use.

Some clinical experiments have used a dose of 1 to 10% tea tree oil in a shampoo or gel formula. The investigators apply these mixtures to participants’ skin at least once a day for as long as 4 weeks. Ask the doctor for more guidance.


Tea tree oil is associated with its numerous benefits. Though some studies support the effectiveness of the oil to kill head lice, more research is guaranteed. You still use the oil to kill lice and boost overall scalp health. But be careful of any adverse effects. Consult with your doctor as and when needed.

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