Early Signs Of Antisocial Behavior in Children

Antisocial problems, according to the age some child is showing positive or some child is showing that is normal.

If the child is having stubbornness, hostility, indiscipline, stealing things, destroying properties are the signs of Antisocial behavior.

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Antisocial Behavior in Children
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Table of Contents

Early Sign of Antisocial Behavior in Children

  • Conversional syndrome 
  • Passive rebellion 
  • Spoiling 
  • Jealousy 
  • Hurting others 
  • Destructiveness 
  • Developing self-esteem 

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Conversion syndrome

  • Whenever the child feels stress in going to school due to various factors such as fear of a new school. Insults and beating from the teacher or bullying by classmates etc. 
  • The child may exhibit specific manifestations like convulsions, paralysis of the limbs, fear, and anxiety, originating from psychological stressors.

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Passive rebellion

  • Child will have stubbornness, sullenness. Pouting refuses to answer the questions.
  • It usually occurs when the baby is punished for the open rebellion behavior by the parents or elders.
  • Going back to questions. It usually occurs when the baby is punished for open rebellion behavior by the parents or elders.


  • Child with self-centeredness who wants everything and not willing to give anything in return.
  • Parents should not give too much attention by pampering them and giving whatever they ask as it may spoil them.
  • Usually firstborn, last born, and one child are having more chances of spoiling.
  • Parents should show attention to what the child requires to enhance their average growth and development. 

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  • Usually, jealousy among children is observed when one more baby arrives in the family; the elder child will feel that the newborn is giving more attention and feeling envy.
  • Children with jealousy always will exhibit angry.
  • They will feel that another person has taken their place in someone’s affection.

To prevent jealousy behavior among toddlers, the parents should meet the toddler’s need to show their attention and love, allow them to stay around when the new baby’s physical needs are being taken care of, and encourage them to take care of their siblings.

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    • Development of a sense of ownership is necessary before they can learn to be generous with others. 
    • Slowly, they learn to be generous with others. Children should be allowed to decide whether to give or refuse their toys to another child.
    • Adults can help child, learn to share with others.
    • Group play encourages the habit of sharing.

Hurting others

If the hurting is accidental, the incident should be overlooked. But if the children persistently try to hurt others, adult help is needed to prevent serious injury to another child.

  • Adults should not allow their children to hurt others. Hurting maybe with mental state.
  • Children should know that someone who loves them deeply will control them and prevent their behavior’s unpleasant consequences. 

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  • Children are usually unhappy unable to control their feelings of jealousy, helplessness, aggression, or anger.
  • They may feel unloved, disliked by parents, or bored by wrong playthings.
  • Parents should avoid scolding or punishment.

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Developing self-esteem

  • The sense of initiative, children enlarge their concepts of self by relating it to the world.
  • Through playing the roles of adults, children assign qualities to their self-concepts.
  • Consistency and sincere encouragement by parents, family members, teachers, and peer opinions regarding motor, language, and self-care skills. 

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Treatment of antisocial behavior in children

Allow the child to talk about her problems to identify the causes and remove the reason.

Advise the parents to develop a calm and quiet environment within the family and its surroundings.

Parents should not pay excessive attention to undue complaints by the child.

Teach better strategies for solving problems.

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If you see any symptoms related to antisocial behaviour in your child?, let us know in the comment box. So we can help you

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