Easy Ways To Stop Thumb Sucking: All About Thumb Sucking

Does your child still suck a thumb? If yes, then you should be careful because it is harmful to the child’s health. And can cause problems for the child.

Thumb sucking is as non-nutritive sucking of fingers or thumb. 

Thumb sucking is considered a standard procedure until three years, but it is not normal if the child gets the thumb sucked at 5.

Sucking the thumb for a long time causes problems related to teeth, skin, and speech in the child. Apart from this, the teeth are crooked, and there is space between them.

In such a situation, it is essential that the parents quickly get rid of the thumb-sucking habit of their child.

Rest easy, Mom or Dad. Your kid won’t go to college sucking his thumb. But it’s true that it might be a good idea to help your little one kick the habit at some point. And if you’ve decided it’s time, here’s how to stop it—plus everything you need to know about thumb-sucking.

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Why does children suck thumb?

The child has a habit of sucking anything in the mouth, due to which he puts a thumb in the mouth; by doing this, he feels comfortable, and they do this only when they are sure to sleep.

I have already covered:

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Easy ways to stop thumb sucking

Most children stop thumb sucking before entering kindergarten. You know your child well. Some strategies work for older children who want to stop thumb sucking.

Apply bitter nail polish

Nail polish with a bad taste on a finger can prevent thumb-sucking habit.

Open up a dialogue

Some children do not realize that thumb sucking is a habit which they should not pursue. Ask your child about thumb sucking —why they suck their thumb. Does it feel good? Do they even know they’re doing it?

Use a finger guard

There are kits available in the market and online designed to physically prevent your child from sucking their thumb. These are childproof and chemical-free, so your child can’t remove them.

Try role-playing

If the children have a favourites stuffed animal or toy, use it to your advantage! Ask your children if they can help Teddy by setting a good example and offering suggestions.

Use visual reminders

A child who is motivated to stop thumb sucking but keeps forgetting may benefit from a visual reminder. Try tying a bow or elastic band around their thumb (not too tight!) or putting a temporary tattoo on the back of their hand so they remember to stop before they start.

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When do children stop sucking the thumb?

Children often start sucking the thumb at the age of 6 to 7 months, and their activity continues for another four years.

Some children stop thinking of the thumb by themselves. But it has been seen somewhere that when children are under stress, they start sucking the thumb again.

According to the American Academy, all children are born with an intense need to suck. And that is a good thing because sucking is how babies eat from the breast or a bottle.

Frequently Asked question

How to stop baby from sucking thumb?

Gently remind your child regularly to take their thumb out of their mouth, and when they do, offer hugs and praise.Record their thumb sucking on a calendar, with rewards or stickers when they reduce or stop the behavior.

Is thumb sucking bad?

Thumb sucking isn’t usually a concern until a child’s permanent teeth come in. At this point, thumb sucking might begin to affect the roof of the mouth (palate) or how the teeth line up. The risk of dental problems is related to how often, how long and how intensely your child sucks on his or her thumb.

What is the cause of thumbsucking?

Babies have natural rooting and sucking reflexes, which can cause them to put their thumbs or fingers into their mouths — sometimes even before birth. Because thumb sucking makes babies feel secure, some babies might eventually develop a habit of thumb sucking when they’re in need of soothing or going to sleep.

Easy ways to stop thumb-sucking?

  • These strategies work best for older children who want to stop.
  • Open up a dialogue
  • Learn about thumb sucking together
  • Apply bitter nail polish
  • Observe thumb-sucking patterns
  • Offer rewards and incentives
  • Use a finger guard
  • Establish rules or boundaries
  • Try role playing


If your child continues sucking his thumb even after entering kindergarten, it becomes worrying for the parents.

If you cannot help your child get rid of the habit of thumb licking, you should contact the child’s doctor. They will evaluate your child’s mouth, and later they can point you to the next step.

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Do let me know what other homemade tips you follow to prevent extreme thumb sucking in your child? Share your tips in the comment below!

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