Endophthalmitis vs Uveitis: All About Endophthalmitis

Is an intraocular inflammation of the vitreous cavity of the eye. Bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites can all induce this severe inflammatory response.


The infection mechanism may be endogenous, in which the infecting agent arrives at the eye is introduced through a surgical wound or a penetrating injury.


Although rare, most cases of endophthalmitis are a devastating complication of intraocular surgery or penetrating ocular injury and can lead to irreversible blindness within hours or days.


Endophthalmitis vs Uveitis





Endophthalmitis inflammation of the vitreous cavity of the eye.

Uveitis, inflammation occurs in the uvea of your eye. Uvea is the between layer of the eye.

Pain, red eye

red eye with or without pain

Swollen lid

sensitivity to bright light

Blurry vision

blurry vision

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Causes of endophthalmitis

There are two main types of endophthalmitis. One is exogenous endophthalmitis, i.e., the infection travels inside the eye through the outside. The second is endogenous endophthalmitis, meaning that the infection spreads from another part of the body to the eye.

Exogenous endophthalmitis is the most common form. It also occurs due to eye cuts during surgery or by piercing the eye by a foreign body. By making such a cut, the infection penetrates inside the eyelid.

Exogenous endophthalmitis is more familiar with eye surgeries. One of them is cataract surgery. It is not due to a surgical procedure. Cataract surgery is the most common eye surgery, so endophthalmitis is more likely to occur for this surgery.

Risk of exogenous endophthalmitis Excess fluid loss behind the eye weakens the wound due to the delay in surgery.

Being in a rural setting, where you are likely to get dust in your eyes.

People who have had glaucoma surgery, such as glaucoma filtering, have a lifelong risk of endophthalmitis.

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Signs and symptoms of Endophthalmitis

Ocular pain


Decreased visual acuity

Headaches, upper lid edema

Reddened and swollen conjunctiva and corneal edema

When all the eye layers (vitreous, retina, choroid, and sclera)are involved in the inflammatory response, the patient has ophthalmitis.

In the final stages of extensive cases, the sclera may undergo bacterial or inflammatory dissolution. Subsequent rupture of the globe spreads the infection into the orbit or eyelids.

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Your eye health specialist will usually perform several procedures to find out if the symptoms are from endophthalmitis. They will check your eyes and test your vision. They will look with the help of an ultrasound to see if there are any objects in the eyeball.

If they suspect an infection, your doctor will test for vitreous tape. A small needle is used to remove a small amount of liquid from the eyeball. Your doctor will then give you the appropriate treatment by testing the fluid.


Treatment of intraocular inflammation depends on the underlying in may be delivered topically, subconjunctival, intravitreal, and in some combination. 

Sterile inflammatory responses and non-inflammatory agents such as corticosteroids. The site toxically requires anti and the severity of the clean inflammatory response.

In some cases, this fear is realistic, and the nurse should provide accurate information and emotional support to the patient and the family.

In severe instances, enucleation may be necessary. When the patient has lost visual unction or even the entire eye, the patient will grieve the loss.

Prevention of endophthalmitis

  • You can wear glasses while doing any work
  • Goggles eye
  • Helmet


Endophthalmitis is a complex condition for your vision. Decreased vision and possibly even an eye loss can occur. The risk is manageable if it is treated immediately. It is a medical emergency that requires proper medical attention. If treated correctly, the risk for endophthalmitis is usually correct.

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