Marital and Family Therapy: Goals, Complications and Types

Psychiatrists give family therapy to help the family members communicate effectively and resolve the issues without facing stressful situations.

Therapy is focused on strengthening family bonds and teaching lessons about overcoming difficult situations in the family.

It helps improve the strained relations between married couples, between parents and children, or between any other family member.

The therapy helps resolve all kinds of issues that crop up in the family to deal with financial issues between family members, marital problems, or mental illness.

Family therapy also helps identify whether a family member or relative has got any other mental illness like schizophrenia.

Family therapy is one type of healthy counseling that can help family members improve communication and resolve conflicts.”Family therapy seeks to understand how relationships impact the problems we experience and how to take those relationships to create change.

Through family therapy, we can resolve the conflict and make communication effective in the family.

Family therapy solves the dispute of the family, partner, and children.

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Family therapy
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Table of Contents


  • To bring changes in the communication pattern.
  • To resolve the intrafamilial conflict.
  • To strengthen the family members to cope up with the significant life stressors and traumatic problems.
  • Problems in the relationship within the family   

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  • Family factors 
  • Families are staying apart. 
  • Unwillingness to accept the therapy

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Functions of the Family Therapy

Communication function:  

Encourages the members to express their feelings or emotions appropriately. 

Supportive function: 

The family’s supportive position gives the freedom to grow and explore new roles within the family members. 

Psychological part:

Emotional love, belongingness, sexual relationship, and intimacy may be attained by the family.      

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Educational function: 

Mother can teach the child she is the primary caregiver for the child and can mold the child’s personality. 

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Recreational function: 

The family has to create a healthy environment to fulfill the child’s interest.

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Types of Family Therapy

Individual Family Therapy 

  • In individuals, each family member has a single therapist that gives counseling to each family member.
  • The therapist looks after specific issues of the individual to solve the problems.

Conjoint Family Therapy 

  • In that two or more patients are in the conjoint family therapy, more likely seems after marriage.
  • The therapist observed that how family members interact with each other.
  • The therapist helps the family members how to deal more effectively with the problems.

Couples Therapy 

  • Couples are often seen by the therapist together. Couple therapy solves problems like divorce, family conflict in couples, etc.
  • The therapist examines the communication, interaction, family pattern and then recognizes the similarities and differences. 

Multiple Impact Therapy

  • More than two families come together in the community area, live together, and deal with any problems they face. 
  • It is more intense and time-limited than the multiple family group.
  • Develop their skill and interaction by working with each other families.

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Network Therapy

  • Network therapy is conduct in people’s homes. Individuals are interested or invested in a problem or crisis that a particular person in a family is experiencing.

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