Goals Of Supportive Psychotherapy


In this, the therapist helps the patient to relieve emotional distress and symptoms without probing

Into the past and changing the personality.

The therapist helps in motivation, suggestion, comforting and active listening to the patient.

In supportive therapy, the therapist helps the patient know about the disease condition, handle the patient’s state, and the coping strategies to solve the problems.

The therapist helps the patient make social interactions, making friends develop a social relationship, and decreasing the patient’s loneliness. 

The therapist encourages the patient to develop their creativity and hobbies to engage in the activity and divert the patient’s mind.

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a primer of supportive psychotherapy
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Techniques of supportive therapy

Mental ventilation

  • It is a free expression of feelings or emotions. The patient is encouraged to talk about whatever comes to his mind; emotional problems may be due to maladaptive patterns and psychological issues.

Environmental modification

  • it should be according to the diagnosis of the patient. e.g., violent patients should provide a quiet and nonstimulating environment. 

Health Education

  • It is a form of supportive therapy. It will help in kind of positive attitude help in managing symptoms of anxiety and depression. Give enough knowledge regarding disease conditions.

To get started, you’ll need to: Major Depressive Disorder With Psychotic Feature


  • Provide positive motivation to the patient like to get well soon, subside and nothing to worry about, etc.


  • Suggestions are the positive symptoms that help in relieving the stress and symptoms.

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Psychotherapy helps people with mental health needs, ranging from stress control to living with bipolar disorder.

Doctors often prescribe it along with medications, although some people may only benefit from psychotherapy.

Finding a professional is essential. The person should be qualified and experienced, and it should inspire the person’s faith.

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