Hormone Replacement Therapy Male To Female

It is the combination of hormones of the body and drugs that treat cancerous cells.

Cancers that can be hormone-sensitive are Breast cancer, prostate cancer, uterine or endometrial cancer.

Hormone therapy definition

Estrogen hormone therapy is a treatment that activates reliable sources, primarily female physical characteristics, when suppressing masculinity in general.

People who are treated with the hormone estrogen usually use other hormone estrogen drugs to lower testosterone.

It usually increases fat and develops a woman’s sexual traits like breast growth. It also reduces the majority of facial and body hair.

Other names for estrogen hormone therapy include female hormone therapy, sex confirmation hormone therapy, and cross-sex hormone therapy.

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Hormone replacement therapy male to female

Male-to-female hormone therapy or estrogen hormone therapy is one treatment that some people can achieve to bring out the “female” physical characteristics and suppress “male” individuals.

People who undergo estrogen hormone therapy use the drug to block testosterone, which is a symptom the male is responsible for.

They will also find estrogen, the hormone responsible for what people usually see as a woman’s characteristics.

Hormone therapy can have many advantages and disadvantages. The changes caused by it can be permanent.

In this article, we discuss treatment and its benefits, hormone therapy.

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Why does the person have

If a person has gender dysphoria, they can be treated with estrogen. It happens when a person is in trouble because their gender identity does not match the gender assigned at birth.

Estrogen treatment can reduce a person’s gender dysphoria and emotional distress as a trusted source and improve their lives. It allows a person to promote gender identity and his or her body part and experience gender unity.

Those who avoid developing symptoms during adolescence, such as loud noises and hair growth in other parts of the body.

However, estrogen hormone therapy is not suitable for everyone. Some people may have difficulty getting treatment. These may include:

  • Smoking
  • Under 16 years of age
  • There are severe mental health problems that need treatment. Have hormone-sensitive cancers such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, or pituitary cancer.
  • There is a thromboembolic disease similar to deep vein thrombosis.

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How to take it

Estrogen hormone therapymay include:


  • Antiestrogen is a substance that blocks the production or utilization of estrogens.
  • Antiestrogen has stopped some cancer cells from growing and is used to prevent and treat breast cancer.


  • Adrenocorticoids manage acute lymphoblastic leukemia, chronic lymphoblastic leukemia.
  • It may help reduce edema of the patient with primary or metastatic CNS tumors.


  • Estrogen is the family of hormones that promote female sex characteristics, the menstrual cycle, and pregnancy.
  • It is used in the management of a patient with prostate cancer.


  • Anti-androgens interfere with the body’s ability to use any androgens. It is helpful in prostate cancer its affects the receptors of the prostate cells nuclei and prevents the reception of testosterone.


  • Progestins are compounds related to the steroid hormone progesterone. Progestin is using in the management of breast and endometrial cancer.

Luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone

  • The release of LHRH from the hypothalamus from the pituitary gland.
  • It is used in the treatment of premenopausal and postmenopausal women with advanced breast cancer.

What changes from hormone therapy?

Some people may think estrogen hormone therapy a second puberty. While few changes may happen within weeks, it can take years for the full effect.

Physical changes

using people estrogen and anti-androgens as part of their hormone therapy may see:

  • Dry and thinner skin with smaller pores
  • Changes in the smells of sweat and urine
  • A reduction in sweat production

Reproductive changes


During estrogen hormone therapy, a person’s emotional conditions may change.

Sexual changes

Estrogen hormone therapy usually alters a person’s urge and his genitals.

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The benefit of estrogen hormone therapy is a reduction in dysphoria. As a result, people may experience an increase in mood and condition of life.

It also enables a person to experience a gender group, which can lead to empowerment and liberation.

But research says estrogen hormone therapy increases mental health.

Risk factor

 Estrogen hormone therapy risk factor include:

  • blood clots, which can result in stroke or be fatal
  • cardiovascular 
  • worsening of anxiety, depression, or mental health conditions
  • migraine
  • gallbladder and liver disease
  • high cholesterol 
  • high blood pressure
  • type 2 diabetes
  • weight gain
  • Fertility changes
  • Libido changes

How to prepare

Before a person starts estrogen hormone therapy, the doctor will check their health:

  • complete medical and family history
  • Physical examination
  • Blood tests
  • Request relevant age- and sex-related screenings

Estrogen hormone therapy is a surgery option for people with gender dysphoria. It usually causes growth in the female, Such as a decrease in breast tissue, muscle mass, and decreased facial and body hair.

People with gender dysphoria who receive this treatment may experience an improvement in mood and quality of life. However, there are many risks to treatment, including reduced fertility and the possibility of blood clots or high blood pressure.

A person should consult a doctor when undergoing treatment and those who want to know more about estrogen hormone therapy.



Hormone therapy is good for health. Certain hormones or combinations of hormones help with the symptoms of menopause.

However, HRT is not suitable for everyone. Doctors and others describe in detail its risks and potential benefits and help make a decision.

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