How Can I Stop Biting My Nails?

Nail biting is common in childhood, and it is compulsive behavior. In many children, even they are growing; it is continuing in teenage to adulthood.

When the child or adult is nervous, anxious, or stressed, nail-biting expect.

When a child is hungry or feeling bored at that time, it is also common.

Nail biting in child
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Causes of nail-biting

The main cause of nail biting:

  • Feeling shy
  • Fear of horror seen
  • Feeling of insecurity
  • Tiredness 
  • Nagging 
  • Child may bite nails for several reasons:
  • lack of self-confidence
  • To relieve stress and anxiety

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Treatment of nail-biting

  • Address the child’s concerns. Make the child speak about his/her worries.
  • Don’t nag or punish the child.
  • Keep the fingernails of the child neatly trimmed to cut down on the ingestion of germs. 
  • Keep the child’s hands clean to cut down on the temptation to bite.
  • Don’t pressure the children to stop biting nails, as this adds to their stress.
  • Reassure the child with love and affection.
  • Discuss with the child about unacceptable habits and how to break them.
  • Help the child become aware of this bad habit.
  • Suggest a substitute activity like car rides or holding a smooth stone in freehand while reading or writing and make the child practice the alternative habit daily.
  • Apply awful taste on the nail.
  • Make them wear gloves.

How can i stop biting my nails?

You may not see any change immediately, but with a bit of time and effort, you can stop your nail-biting habit.

Cut them small. If you cut short nails, you will not get into the habit of nail-biting.

Coat them with bad taste. You can paint on your nails, or you can use a nail polish that will not get you into the habit of nail-biting.

Wear gloves. If wearing gloves will cover your nails, and the effect will also be good.

These can be physical triggers, such as the presence of luck, or triggers, such as boredom, stress, or anxiety. Find out what causes your nails to bite and find out how to avoid this situation and plan.

Try it on a gorgeous manicure that will stop you. Your nails will look and feel great.

Slowly stop biting your nails. Some doctors suggest taking a gradual approach to the habit. First, try to stop biting a set of nails like your toenails. When it succeeds, eliminate your pink nails, pointer nails, or even the whole hand. The goal is to get to the point where you no longer bite any of your nail

Is biting your nails bad for your teeth?

Nail-biting is not good for your dental health. It can interfere with proper dental implantation and make your teeth move from their original position. 

It can cause cracks in your front teeth over time. People who wear braces are at an even greater risk for their teeth. It can affect your teeth as well as damage your gum tissue.

Risk of nail-biting

Some of the risks of biting your nails :

  • The skin around your nails may feel sore or infected
  • Damage to the nails
  • Your nails change
  • Abnormal growth
  • More colds and other ailments than putting dirty fingers in your mouth
  • Damage to teeth by chewing nails


Keep your nails clean and dry. Straighten the nails and trim around the tips. Use nail hardening to strengthen your nails. You can choose this type of polish at the drug store.

Your doctor may suggest that you use biotin to strengthen weak or brittle nails.

Report any changes to your nails to your doctor. You have a medical problem that needs attention.

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