How Does A Molar Pregnancy Happen?: You Should Know

Pregnancy is the moment that brings happiness as well as enthusiasm. It is a happy time, which changes a woman’s life entirely with the joy of bringing new life. However, some problems can become a concern for a pregnant, such as molar pregnancy.

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What is (molar pregnancy)?

Sometimes some problems can occur during pregnancy. One of the same problems is molar pregnancy, a gestational trophoblastic disease (GDP). It is a non-cancerous (benign) tumor that develops on the uterine wall and causes damage. Infected molar pregnancy itself is aborted only in unique circumstances. It is usually taken out through a surgical procedure.

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Types of molar pregnancy

The standard form of hydatidiform mole, also known as molar pregnancy 

Complete molar pregnancy: The placenta tissue swells in an abnormal state and looks like a fluid-filled ulcer.

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Partial molar pregnancy: In this pregnancy, can form abnormal placental tissue along with normal placental tissue. Also, it can create the fetus, but the fetus is unable to survive and usually miscarries early in pregnancy.

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Causes of molar pregnancy

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More research is still needed on the causes of molar pregnancy. Then the reasons for going through some research are revealed, they are as follows (1).

  • Deficiency of folate, beta-carotene, or protein in the diet.
  • Women age less than 20 and above 40 years of age may become pregnant when they are pregnant.
  • Trophoblastic disease in the first pregnancy.
  • Fertilization of eggs in an unusual way.
  • Möller is aware of the symptoms of pregnancy after its cause.

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Symptoms of molar pregnancy

It is essential to know the symptoms of molar pregnancy. Here we are talking about common symptoms of molar pregnancy, which are as follows (4), (1):

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  • Vaginal bleeding during early pregnancy.
  • Bleeding during the first trimester.
  • Hyperemesis (nausea and vomiting).
  • Uterus enlargement.
  • Excessive sweating, nervousness, and tiredness with high blood pressure.
  • Symptoms of pre-eclampsia in pregnancy less than 20 weeks may also be an essential symptom of molar pregnancy.
  • There is no movement of error in this pregnancy.
  • The heart of the fetus does not beat.
  • Severe morning sickness.
  • Come, now we know how to diagnose it.

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How is pregnancy diagnosed?

Molar pregnancy prevents the fetus from forming or developing and causes miscarriage. Therefore, it is essential to be diagnosed. Know below how molar pregnancy can be diagnosed.

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Ultrasound: Its presence can be known only in early pregnancy through ultrasound.

Blood test: The doctor will try to determine the level of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone through a blood test.

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Treatment of molar pregnancy

Molar pregnancy is not a standard pregnancy form. However, it is sure to have an abortion. Doctors use some methods to perform an abortion, by which doctors remove abnormal molar tissue. Here we are talking about some ways to overcome molar pregnancy (1).

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Dilation and curation (D&C)

Molar tissue in the uterus is removed through dilation and curettage. This can prevent the danger from it in the future.

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Hysterectomy surgery

involves removing the uterus. This surgery is performed when the molar is deep in the uterus and does not exist entirely, even after dilatation and curation. Also, the pregnant woman starts bleeding more.

What is the risk of having a molar pregnancy again?

If you are pregnant before six months after the treatment of molar pregnancy, there may be an increased risk of molar pregnancy.

It has become clear that molar pregnancy is a severe disease, and in the absence of treatment, it can lead to a painful medical condition.


Therefore, contact the doctor immediately as soon as the molar pregnancy is detected. In this, we have shared with you information related to molar pregnancy and its treatment, diagnosis, and related precautions.

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