How to avoid pregnancy? | 10 popular ways to prevent pregnancy

People who are sexually active or want to avoid pregnancy should be aware of their options regarding birth control. There are some types of contraception available to help avoid pregnancy.

The Family Planning Association in the UK claims that up to 90% of women sexually active can become pregnant in 12 months if they don’t use contraception.

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There are some methods available without a prescription. Every form of birth control has advantages and also disadvantages. Learn about the different types of contraception designed to help.

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10 popular ways to prevent pregnancy

What are the methods that women do not take to avoid unwanted pregnancy or pregnancy, but here we are going to know about some ways which are effective and also preferred.

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Spermicidal tablet

According to sex experts, if the partner inserts the spermicide tablet into the vagina during sex, it gives better protection.

Sex and condom use on safe days

People have sex on safe days as an alternative to prevent pregnancy. A safe day means one week before the partner’s periods begin.

Intrauterine device (IUD)

It is T-shaped which is used to prevent pregnancy. Made of plastic and copper, this device is installed in the woman’s uterus.

Birth control implant

Implants are used as an alternative to prevent pregnancy. It is like a small and thin matchbox. It is done in the hands. This implant releases hormone in the body, which help prevent pregnancy.

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Male condom

Male and female condoms are both the only types of contraception that protect against sexually transmitted infections.

When used ideally, male condoms are more than 80% effective for pregnancy.

Female condom

Female condoms are available without any prescription. They used instead of a male condom but should never be used with one.

According to the CDC, female condoms are 79% effective for contraception.

The sponge

Some women also use contraceptive sponges as contraceptives. It is foamy, containing spermicide, and placed in the vagina to prevent sperm from entering the uterus.

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Vaginal ring

According to the National Health Service, a vaginal ring is also used as a contraceptive. It is a very soft and plastic ring that is installed in the vagina. It continuously releases hormones like progesterone and estrogen in the body to prevent pregnancy.

Cervical cap

A cervical cap is a silicone cup, and it covers the cervix to stop sperm from reaching an egg.

Cervical caps are available in many drugstores and online.


A diaphragm is what a person places deep inside the vagina. Therefore, it is essential to apply spermicide to the diaphragm before each use.

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When to take a pregnancy test

Women take a pregnancy test if she suspects she is pregnant if her usual method of contraception has failed recently. Some signs of pregnancy tests include:

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  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Late or missed period
  • Increased urination

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A home pregnancy test is available in drugstores and from reputable websites online. It is a great idea to have the results confirmed by the doctor.


There are many contraceptive methods to help avoid pregnancy. However, different methods work for different people, and a person tries several options before working out the contraceptive strategies that work for them.

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Sexually active people should speak with the doctor about the available options to choose the best method.

Finally, recognize that male and female condoms are the types of contraception that prevent STIs.

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