How To Stop Teeth Grinding Naturally?

Teeth grinding or bruxism is where a person grinds or rubs their teeth together. While doing this, the jaws are forcibly moved side to side or back and forth.

It is believed that this is a disease of children, but it is not so at all. Elders also have this habit. Teeth grinding is not only a habit, but it is also a sign of many diseases.

But often, when doing it, the person is not aware that they are doing it.

Most people do this only when there is a clenching of teeth or when they hold their teeth together, and the muscles hold and keep chewing it.

People may gnash or gnash their teeth during the day and night, but sleep-related bruxism is difficult to control.

It results from tension originating in unexpressed anger.

Generally seen during sleep as a manifestation of disturbing dreams, pent-up stress, and aggression.

Bruxism is the spot in children with mental retardation and those suffering from CNS infection. 

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Causes of Bruxism

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep-related movements
  • Anger 
  • Frustration

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Signs and Symptoms Of Bruxism

Symptoms of teeth grinding includes:

  • Loosening of teeth
  • Fractured teeth
  • Headache
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Tooth pain
  • earache
  • broken teeth or hurting

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How To Stop Teeth Grinding Naturally?

  • Help the child to find ways to express their resentment.
  • Bedtime enjoyments like pleasant stories found to be helpful.
  • Improving the environmental situation which responsible for the tension and conflict. 
  • Praising and other emotional support are useful during such times. 
  • To avoid teeth grinding, first, you have to reduce stress.
  • Get enough sleep of 8 to 9 hours.
  • Do yoga and Meditation to control your anger habit.
  • Keep TV and mobile away from yourself while sleeping.
  • Stop taking soda, coffain products, chocolate products, and energy drinks.
  • Take foods rich in calcium and magnesium in your diet.

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