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A person goes to a doctor for treatment, but the doctor does not find any medical illness. Still, the person has a strong feeling of disease due to that person worry excessively about health; then there may be chances of illness, anxiety disorder, or Hypochondriasis.

Illness anxiety disorder is defined as a fixed idea and thought in a patient’s mind with a fear of having a severe medical illness despite repeated medical reassurance.

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illness anxiety disorder
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Signs and symptoms hypochondriasis

  • Headache
  • Chest and gastrointestinal complain
  • Body pain
  • Fear of having a major illness
  • abnormal awareness 
  • Complain of pain
  • The feeling of tightness around the forehead
  • Increase bowel sound
  • Peristalsis movement in the stomach, 
  • Increase heartbeat 
  • Sweating 

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Causes of hypochondriasis

  • There are no specific causes of illness anxiety disorder, but the following things lead to IAD. 
  • Wrong beliefs 
  • History of childhood abuse 
  • Pandemic 
  • Depression and Anxiety

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Treatment of hypochondriasis

Supportive Psychotherapy

  • Individual psychotherapy
  • The goal is to develop healthy and adaptive behaviors
  • Focus is on personal and social difficulties and achievement of practical solutions.
  • Identify precipitating stressors and conflict
  • Group psychotherapy
  • Treatment of choice for somatization disorder and Hypochondriasis
  • Provides social support and social interaction
  • Clients can share their experience of illness
  • Can learn to verbalize thoughts and feelings     

Behavior Therapy 

  • Involve working with the family who may perpetuate the physical symptoms by rewarding the passivity and dependency.
  • Focuses on teaching them to reward the client’s autonomy, self-sufficiency, and independence. 


  • Following drugs used in somatoform disorder
  • Antidepressant 
  • Benzodiazepines 
  • Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor 
  • Antipsychotic drugs

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