If You Have Antibodies, Are You Still Contagious?

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The coronavirus is a respiratory virus. It means that it lives in your respiratory system. The system that fights the virus is your immune system, and that’s the system that makes your antibodies. 

So when you ramp up your antibodies or immunizers, you also have to get down on the virus; now the question is, can people have antibodies but still have the virus in their respiratory system? And the answer is yes; you can still have the virus in your respiratory system.

However, The longest anyone has been contagious with this is probably about five weeks; it’s unbelievable that people who have antibodies are still contagious.

If you have coronavirus, tested positive, have no symptoms for two weeks, and want to go outside, wear a mask and gloves. People who donate plasma are still testing positive for coronavirus, and we don’t know how long it will take to expose from their system. 


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Antibodies are being used for convalescent plasma therapy to help those infected with the coronavirus. When you donate plasma, one of the things they figure out is how concentrated your antibodies are? So the reason is that the higher the concentration of your antibodies, the better donation would be for somebody to use your plasma.

Having Enough antibodies doesn’t necessarily mean you have immunity to the virus. So one of the things that’s important to understand is that the data we are putting together for antibody testing shows you how many antibodies you have, but it doesn’t show you if you are immune or not.        

A lot of work is done on whether or not a certain level of antibodies correlates with immunity, but we don’t know it yet. So the reality is, a lot of the information we have on this virus and how to manage public health in response to it is contagious, which is confusing.    

Doctors consider harvesting antibodies from recovered patients to increase the immune system in those currently infected as a promising approach. But the presence of antibodies in the system doesn’t significantly give complete immunity.

In addition, researchers have established a threshold for donating plasma for therapy. But still, it isn’t known what level in the bloodstream is needed to prevent infection.

We need to do the essential thing in all the cities and every state to figure out where the infection is to keep track and trace and isolate those communities, away from spreading it to other people. So that’s definitively the priority.

So, in other terms, you can test positive for antibodies while you’re still contagious. Unfortunately, some people only discover they’re infected with the coronavirus after a positive COVID-19 nasal swab test that confirms they have an active infection.

And keep in mind that there’s still a lot we don’t know when it comes to our immune system’s response to the coronavirus. For example, we don’t know precisely how our antibodies behave and how long our antibodies remain effective at the virus, or why some people don’t produce antibodies to this virus. So, stay informed with the latest headlines on the virus to ensure you’re doing all you can to stay healthy.

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