Inhaler For Anxiety | How Long Do Inhalers Last ?

A new drug-free medication for anxiety is being trialed, using an inhaler-type device to help breathe to normal rates. In addition, a hand-held breath ‘pacer’ has been developed to manage panic attacks, which induce symptoms such as high heartbeat, shortness of breath, and chest pain.

The device, which looks like an inhaler, is being tested in USA clinical trials on patients who are suffering from a panic attack or who have had a heart attack.

Current treatments for panic attacks include counseling and medications – usually selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), antidepressants, or anti-epilepsy drugs such as pregabalin, which are linked to the brain’s chemical glutamate (which, in turn, is linked to anxiety).

But the potential side-effects have driven a search for drug-free treatments.

The new approach is based on an understanding of how our body responds to stress and life-threatening events.

People who have a heart attack may feel similar symptoms according to the anxiety about whether their pacemaker works is particularly common.

The new treatment slows breathing at a normal rate. The NHS suggests breathing exercises for both anxiety and stress, but getting them right when the level of panic, anxiety, and stress is at its peak is a challenge.

The device, the shape, and the size of the inhaler used by asthma patients are first calibrated according to a person’s normal breathing pattern – to do this, the user exhales through the mouth and inhales several times through the nose. 

Then they inhale and re-breathe into the device – the process is repeated for about three minutes. The device can also deliver fragrances (such as lavender) associated with comfort.”

There are limited options in the treatment of anxiety and panic attack symptoms,” say the researchers.

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How long do inhalers last?

It is necessary to understand how long the inhaler will last and when you have asthma.

While some inhalers have counters to help you keep track, others do not, leaving it up to you to calculate how much more you can use. It can be especially challenging for rescue inhalers, which are used sporadically and only as required.

You will know when the preloaded inhaler is empty; These inhalers usually have 50 to 200 doses of medication and eventually run out, at which point you should get a refill.

But metered-dose inhalers contain a chemical that will continue to spray even after the prescription is used up, meaning you may be doing it getting used If you are not tracking your dose.

How you store the inhaler and when it also expires factor into how long your inhaler will last you.

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Types of inhalers

Inhalers, also called controllers, are used daily to prevent asthma symptoms.

They contain medications taken to control symptoms or to calm an immediate asthma attack. Whether or not your inhaler has a counter-to-track treatment depends on the specific medications you have, not what type of inhaler you use.


It is important to have a complete inhaler, of course, but if the drug has expired, likely, the drug may not maintain its strength, quality, and purity. Therefore, it is just as important to pay attention to the expiration date of your inhaler. Consider how long do inhaler last.

Expiration can be a more important concern for any medication, but it is especially important with rescue inhalers, which are rarely used for asthma that is well controlled. So while you may feel safe knowing that you have an inhaler, that inhaler will not be effective if you go to use it if its expiration date has passed.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, a drug’s end date is based on its chemical stability.

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Tips for storage

An inhaler’s expiration date takes into normal use and storage. Manufacturers consider the wide range of possible environmental changes these medications may feel in their lifetime. These factors involve illness to heat, light, and humidity. The longer an inhaler is exposed to these factors, the more quickly the medicine may degrade.

The tips can help extend an inhaler’s shelf life and keep the medicine effective as long as possible. While these tips will not increase the expiration date, they may help ensure the medicine is safer longer if you require to use it once it’s expired.

  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Protect the canister
  • Store it securely

Frequently Asked Question 

Does the inhaler relax you?

A reliever inhaler is needed for quick relief when a person with asthma has symptoms. A reliever inhaler works quickly to relax the muscles in the airways of a person with asthma so they can breathe more easily.

How many puffs of an inhaler can you take?

Have the person with asthma take one puff of a reliever inhaler (usually blue) every 30-60 seconds for up to 10 puffs. If you feel sick at any time or do not feel better after 10 puffs, contact your doctor.

Should you brush your teeth after using an inhaler?

Brushing teeth immediately after using the inhaler should be avoided. Because it damages enamel already weakened by acidic pH.

Which inhaler do you use first blue or brown?

Importantly, the blue inhaler is used for immediate relief, while the brown inhaler is used to reduce symptoms and prevent further attacks. Remember to use the blue inhaler when symptoms present themselves or in the event of an asthma attack.


Most inhalers expire one year after they are issued, and many can be effective for up to a year after that expiration date. Much depends on how well the inhaler is stored. Inhalers can be expensive, so it is important to protect and store them properly to get the longest life out of them. If in doubt, dispose of your inhaler and buy a new one. That way, you don’t risk getting treated when you need to.

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