Is A Cyst A Tumor? | Can A Cyst Become Cancerous?

What is cyst?

A cyst is a fluid-filled sac of tissue with air and other substances. Cysts occur anywhere in the body, including soft tissues, bones. A cyst is mostly noncancerous except in some cases. It can feel tenders to tender to the touch and person move easily.

What is tumor?

Tumors are solid masses of tissues. Tumors can grow anywhere in the body. They grow quickly inside the body.

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Causes of cysts

Ovarian cysts: These cyst forms on the ovaries, usually at the time of ovulation. It has no symptoms but sometimes causes pelvic pain and back pain.

Renal cysts: These grow in the kidneys.

Breast cysts: These are fluid-filled sacs under the skin, and it is movable. It is called fibrocystic breast. 

Epidermoid cysts: These cysts grow on the top layer of skin, called the epidermis. It can be seen in the neck, chest, scrotum, and upper back.

Hepatic cysts: Hepatic cysts develops in the liver tissue.

Tumors may be of two types which are benign or Benign. Malignant tumors usually grow in one area of the body and do not spread to other parts or organs of the body.

Malignant tumors grow in one area of the body and spread to other areas of the body.

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Can a cyst become cancerous?

Many ovarian cysts are safe and often clear up on their own without any treatment. However, unusually, some types of ovarian cysts can develop into ovarian cancer. The risk of a cyst growing cancer is higher in people who have been through menopause.

Conditions that cause tumors


These fat pr adipose cell tumors often develop in people above the age of 40years. They are soft tissue located under the skin. They are almost benign.

Malignant tumors

These can grow anywhere in the body. Sarcoma can develop in the colon, liver, epithelial cells, bone marrow, or prostate. 


It grows in glandular epithelial tissue, which covers the organs and glands. Examples of these tumors include hepatic adenomas, colon polyps, bile duct adenomas. Sometimes it can become malignant, but usually, it is a benign tumor. 


These benign tumors grow in fibrous and connective tissues that develop around the uterus.

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A doctor can use several diagnostic procedures to identify the cyst and tumor.

Start with medical history. Cyst becomes more noticeable during the hormonal fluctuation and during the time of menstruation.

A doctor may use ultrasound sonography to examine a cyst or tumor located deep within the body. USG shows the lump, fluid-filled or collection of cells.

In some cases, a doctor may request the biopsy, which involves removing the lump from the tumor and sending it for laboratory testing.

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When to see a doctor?

Not all types of cysts and tumors require treatment; a person should visit the doctors to grow quickly.
some of the dangerous symptoms include:

  • Pain or tenderness
  • Swelling
  • Bleeding from area
  • Inability to perform the daily activity due to cyst or tumor.


Tumors and cysts both cause concern, although they are harmless. Cysts are often fluid-filled with air or another type of cell. Tumors are masses of the tissues.

Anyone concerned by a lump or growth should see a doctor. They can perform tests, diagnose the lump, and determine whether a person needs treatment.

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