Is Loss Of Taste A Symptom Of Covid-19?: All About It

COVID-19 produces symptoms, including fatigue and cough, but it can cause the loss of taste. Taste can return or get better within four weeks of the virus clearing the body, but it sometimes takes months for them to improve.

A loss of taste and smell is an early symptom of COVID-19. Hence, anyone who notices changes in these senses should start self-isolating and get a COVID-19 test.

  • Smell and taste is less sensitive than normal
  • No sense of smell or taste
  • Foods tasting strange
  • Odors smelling unusual

When a person deals with SARS-CoV-2 and develops COVID-19, the loss of taste and smell could be a symptom.

The article explains the loss of taste symptoms of COVID-19, including how to cope and when to seek medical help.

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Is the loss of taste and smell a symptom of covid-19?

A 2020-21 analysis observed that 54% of people who contracted COVID-19 had problems with taste or smell. Thus, a loss of taste or smell, or a reduction in these senses, may present early and be an initial symptom of COVID-19. The researchers note that if people knew this, it could encourage diagnosis and treatment.

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Loss of taste and smell with COVID-19?

According to the 2020-21 study, a sudden, severe loss of taste or smell in the absence of an allergy or another chronic nasal condition could be a symptom of COVID-19.

This loss of taste or smell occurs in people who have no symptoms of COVID-19.

However, if someone is experiencing any dysfunction in taste and smell, even if it is mild, they also self-isolate and get a test for COVID-19.

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Testing for loss of taste and smell

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To examine for a loss of taste at your home, a person also tries foods with solid herbs and check whether they can detect differences between the flavors.

A person also tests their sense of smell by choosing intense and different aromas, such as coffee granules and orange, and smelling them only to see whether they can detect differences.

Losing taste and smell could be a symptom of coronavirus, so a person who feels this starts self-isolating and get a COVID-19 test.

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Is the loss temporary?

In many cases, the loss of smell or taste during COVID is temporary.

After a multicenter study, the researchers found that 72–80% of people had recovered their taste and smell at two months, with 94% having recovered these senses at six months. However, they noted that people who lost their taste and smell experienced milder COVID-19 symptoms.

In some cases, people need ongoing treatment and monitoring of their taste and smell.

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Coping strategies

Taste and smell are an essential part of every person’s life.

Losing taste and smell is usually so unsettling, as these senses influence food preferences. When a person can no taste or smell, they feel changes in their body weight due to no eating the same foods they used to enjoy.

When a person no longer tastes or smells their food, they can take steps to make meals exciting. These include:

  • Choosing your meals with a mixture of textures, colors and 
  • Using aromatic herbs for more robust flavors
  • Adding cheese, olive oil, bacon bits, or toasted nuts
  • Avoiding meals that combine ingredients, as these recipes may dull the flavor of food

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Many people struggling with a loss of taste and smell may benefit from joining online support groups.

Why does COVID-19 affect taste and smell?

It continues unclear why COVID-19 can affect taste or smell so much.

One theory is that COVID-19, like other similar viruses, causes inflammation inside your nose, leading to a loss of smell neurons.

Some researchers note that expressing the human cell receptors SARS-CoV-2 binds is essential in the nasal cavity.

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Seeking medical help

The loss of taste and also smell could be a symptom of COVID-19 and maybe a person experiences.

Symptoms to look out for include:

  • A cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Head and body aches
  • A sore throat
  • Tiredness
  • Fever or chills
  • Congestion

People with those symptoms should contact their healthcare experts online or over the phone. Then, they self-isolate and take a COVID-19 test.

If someone has symptoms — for example, struggling to breathe — they should seek emergency medical care.

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Loss of taste or smell is a sign of COVID-19. People could experience a complete loss of these senses. However, the loss of the senses of taste and smell can be the symptom that COVID-19 causes.

The symptoms are temporary, and taste and smell should improve or return within 3-4 weeks. However, in many cases, this may take up to 5-6 months.

If a person does experience a and unexpected loss of taste and smell, they self-isolate and take a COVID-19 test.

If you see any symptoms related to Covid 19, let us know in the comment box. So we can help you

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