Is Penile Cancer Curable? | Cancer On Penile Head

There is a huge problem of men, which becomes necessary to be treated on time. Penile cancer can affect the functions of the penis. This problem causes interruption of sexual function, urinary tract infection, and other serious problems. If this problem is diagnosed on time, then it can be very easy to treat it.

Penile cancer is a rare form of cancer that attacks the tissues of the penis. It happens when healthy cells in the penis are creating a tumor.

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Cancer on penile head

when cancerous growth occurs front part of the penis, it’s called penile head cancer.


Squamous cell carcinoma 

Of all types of penile cancer, 95% of the cancers are mainly squamous cell carcinoma. This cancer is found in the skin cells called squamous on the head or foreskin of the penis. Out of all penile cancer, the tumor grows slowly in this type of cancer.

The treatment of this type of cancer can be quite easy in the initial stage.

Verrucous carcinoma

it appears as a large genital wart in the skin. This type of cancer grows slowly and cannot spread to other parts of the body, but sometimes it can be very deep and large.

Carcinoma in situ

This is the earliest stage of cancer in skin cells, in which the cancer cells do not extend to the deeper tissues. It is found only in the top layers of the skin. If this type of cancer is located on the penis, then this disease is called Bowen disease.


Adenocarcinoma: it develops from sweat glands in the skin of the penis, can be difficult to distinguish from carcinoma in situ. It is a rare type of penis cancer.


It is only a small part of penile cancer. Sarcoma cancer develops in the cells of blood vessels, smooth muscles, or other connective tissue.


It is a dangerous skin cancer type that grows very rapidly. This cancer is often found in sun-exposed skin; Melanoma cancer occurs in the penile in very few cases.

Basal cell carcinoma

Basal cells are skin cells found in the outer layer of the skin, in which cancer produced is known as basal cell carcinoma. Less than 2% are penile cancer, basal cell cancer.

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Causes of penile cancer

  •  Ideopathic
  •  Lack of circumcision
  • Poor genital hygiene
  • Phimosis
  •  HPV
  •  Smoking
  •  UV treatment for psoriasis on penis
  •  Increasing age (more than 65 yrs)
  • Lichen sclerosis
  •  Balanitis xerotica obliterans (BXO) 

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Symptoms of penile cancer

Symptoms of  Penile cancer includes:

  • Painless lump
  •  Ulcer
  • Wart-like growth on the skin
  • Change in skin color (red, white, bluish)
  • Persistent discharge in later stage 
  • Swelling


Your doctor will use a physical exam of you, and they will do other tests depending on your symptoms.

Biopsy: Your doctor will take a sample of tissue from the skin above your penis. The lab will test

Imaging tests: such as X-rays, CT scans, ultrasounds, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). It is done to see if tumors or cancer have spread in your body.


Is penile cancer curable?

If your cancer is in the early stages, you can treat it. Can apply for medicine in the form of a cream to your skin

Cryotherapy: A procedure that uses icy liquids to destroy cancerous tissue.

Mohs surgery, in which doctors remove a layer of affected skin so that it does not spread everywhere

Lasers for cutting and destroying where there is cancer

Circumcision, which is the surgery used to remove the skin in front of you. If you only have cancer in your foreskin, it can be treated.

If the cancer is spreading further, you can take the following treatment.

Surgery is used to remove some or all lymph nodes in your groin if your cancer has spread there.

Radiation and chemotherapy to remove cancer cells from the body

Penectomy, which is surgery to remove cancerous tissue in some or all of your penis.

Treating penile cancer at an early stage improves your ability to have sex

No side effects, but there may be chemotherapy and radiation. Talk with your doctor about side effects.

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Are you using one of these treatment from the above list to cure your penile cancer? If yes, then tell us how has your experience been so far? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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