Is There A Tuberculosis Vaccine?

Tuberculosis is a disease caused by tuberculosis bacteria.

Symptoms of tuberculosis

Symptoms of infection tuberculosis include :

  • cough several weeks
  • coughing up mucus or blood
  • fever
  • night sweats
  • chest pain

The tuberculosis bacteria are spread infected respiratory droplets, such as those spread when ill people cough or sneeze or even speak. 

An uninfected person may breathe infected droplets into their lungs and grow infected.

People with possible tuberculosis infections do not spread tuberculosis bacteria to others around them.


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Treatment and Care

Some cases of tuberculosis can be successfully treated. However, people with tuberculosis are treated with medicines and other drugs that control tuberculosis.

Treatment usually takes several months.

People with possible tuberculosis can be treated with antibiotics to ensure that they do not become ill with active tuberculosis later.

In recent years, some tuberculosis strains have become immune to antibiotics. These cases are more complex and expensive to treatment can have severe side effects.

Because drug-resistant tuberculosis is highly challenging to treat, preventing the disease is essential.

Prevention measures include assuring that people who have tuberculosis take all of the medicine prescribed to them and are treated with the correct medication.


Though tuberculosis infection is respiratory, and the main signs are usually respiratory, tuberculosis can grow and affect other body parts.

Untreated tuberculosis disease can be fatal. For example, about 2% of people with untreated tuberculosis will die.

However, this number is much higher when also has the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

About 17% of people with TB infection and HIV infection may die.

Tuberculosis infection is more harmful to very young children because they are more likely to have severe complications from TB, such as TB meningitis.

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Is there a tuberculosis vaccine?

Basil Calmette-Guerin Vaccine is used as a vaccination,

This vaccine does not protect children from pulmonary disease caused by bacteria, nor does it prevent TB infection from disease.

However, it prevents some severe symptoms of TB in children.

The vaccine is not usually used in adults, and in children, the vaccine does not prevent the spread of the condition. 

The Basil Calmette-Guerin vaccine has been in use so far. However, several researchers are working to develop a more effective TB vaccine. 

The hope is to produce a vaccine that prevents infection with tuberculosis, which would reduce the great difficulty of global disease and reduce transmission of the tuberculosis bacteria.

Vaccination Recommendations

In countries with some cases of TB, the Basil Calmette-Guerin vaccine is given to children shortly after they are born. 

However, children with HIV infection are not advised to take the vaccine.

In countries with very few tuberculosis cases, children may be suggested to get the vaccine if they are likely to be shown to have TB, such as by living in a home with an adult with an active TB infection.


A blood test to help diagnose tuberculosis is...

Two new blood tests are now used to detect tuberculosis germs in place of the tuberculosis skin test.

Each test involves taking a blood sample that is then stimulated with a group of antigens (proteins) found in the bacteria that cause TB.

If your immune system has ever seen these antigens, your cells will produce interferon-gamma, a substance produced by our immune system, and can measure that in a laboratory.



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