Can Kidney Cancer Spread To Lungs?: All About Kidney Cancer

Inside each person’s stomach, in the back part, between the ribs of the chest, one side of the kidney on both sides. The pair is located. The kidneys in the body purify the blood for nutrients and act as urine.

Like all other cancers, healthy kidney cells start growing abnormally, and the ratio starts to increase.

It further develops into tumors known as kidney cancer. The kidney is a limited, congested organ, so cancer is detected before metastasis occurs in other organs.

Renal tubules

Renal pelvis

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Risk factors

Long-term dialysis

  • Dialysis patients who develop kidney polycystic disease appear to be most at risk for kidney cancer.

Occupational exposures to toxic compounds

  • The risk of kidney cancer increases in workers exposed to asbestos, cadmium, petroleum products, and dry cleaning solvents.

Genetic predisposition

  • Any people with a family history of kidney cancer are at increased risk of developing kidney cancer.


  • Cigarette smoking is a significant risk factor. Cigarette smokers are twice as in possible way as nonsmokers to develop kidney cancer.


  • Obesity: People who are obese appear to be associated with an increased risk of developing kidney cancer in both men and women.

High blood pressure

  • A person with hypertension is also a risk factor for developing kidney cancer.

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Staging of kidney cancer

Stage I: 

  • The tumor is inside the kidney and does not involve the tissue capsule surrounding the kidney.

Stage II:

  •  Cancer extends through the capsule of the kidney.

Stage – III: 

  • The tumor grows into the renal vein or lymph node.               

Stage IV:

  • Cancer has invaded the organ adjacent to the kidney or shows a distant spread to an organ such as the lung.

Causes of kidney cancer

No specific cause of kidney cancer is clear. But there are some specific reasons which

  • Some pain medicines for a long time.
  • Having advanced kidney disease or being on dialysis for a long time.
  • Family history of kidney cancer in siblings.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Having lymphoma

Symptoms of kidney cancer

When kidney cancer spreads more, its symptoms start appearing.

  • Abnormal urine color due to blood in the urine
  • Flank pain and back pain
  • Hydronephrosis
  • Abdominal lump or mass
  • Polycythemia
  • Cold intolerance
  • Leg and ankle swelling
  • Night sweats

If someone in your family has these symptoms, get them checked by a doctor immediately.

Can kidney cancer spread to lungs?

Yes, Kidney cancer spreads to the bones and lungs. It can also go to your brain, liver, ovaries, and testicles. Because it has no early symptoms, it also can spread before you even know you have it.

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Diagnosis for kidney cancer

You have any symptoms related to kidney cancer, then the doctor first

  • ask about your personal and family medical history
  • ask about your symptoms
  • physical examination

Test for diagnosis

  • Physical examination
  • Laboratory test
  • Imaging test
  • Blood test
  • Urine test
  • Biopsy

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Treatment for kidney cancer

The option is to remove the cancerous tumor in the tumor. The only kidney left is enough for everyday life.

If a tumor is small, it can be removed and can save the rest. This procedure is called a partial nephrectomy, which can be done through robotic-assisted surgery, laparoscopy, or open surgery.


  • Nephrectomy
  • Arterial embolization
  • Cytoreductive nephrectomy
  • Biological therapy
  • Hormonal therapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Chemotherapy


If you start treatment as soon as kidney cancer is detected, you can get rid of cancer early.

Eating healthy food and a healthy lifestyle can reduce your risk of cancer.

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