What Do Kidney Stones Feel Like?

Kidney stones are caused by having chemicals in urine.

Kidney stones are a common problem. Urine contains many chemical elements uric acid, calcium, and oxalic acid. 

These entire chemicals are responsible for making stones.

Kidney stone
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What do kidney stones feel like?

Every year, one million people go to the emergency room for kidney stone pain.

Kidney stone is a type of crystal made from different minerals and salts. Some renal stones are made up of calcium and uric acid. If you do not hydrate properly, then you are at increased risk of kidney stones.

Many types of symptoms appear in the body of a person suffering from a kidney stone, which can be very harmful to ignore. Kidney stone is a type of crystal made from different minerals and salts. You should also know about its symptoms.

Symptoms of Kidney Stone

  • Common symptoms of kidney stones are a pain.
  • This pain is so much that it causes vomiting and also brings fever. 
  • The pain of the stone lasts for 20-60 minutes, and then it starts working slowly.
  • Apart from this, there is a burning sensation in the urine, and blood also comes, and urine color becomes red and brown. These are all simple symptoms that are associated with our kidney stones. 
  • There would be a sharp pain on both sides of the back. Pain, weakness, and constipation are also symptoms.

Kidney stone symptoms in women

There are some symptoms of kidney stones that you may have.

  • Pain in the back and belly:  The pain of kidney stones starts when that stone goes into the narrow ureter. And it causes a blockage, which causes pressure in the kidneys.
  • Burning during urination:  Kidney stone’s second most common symptom is that when it comes out of the body, urination causes burning and pain. People who feel irritation and pain while borrowing should undergo an examination without delay and contact the doctor.
  • Blood in urineWhen the stone becomes large, it damages the cells present in the body, due to which the blood appears in the urine when it comes out. Whoever can see this symptom immediately meet the doctors and check.
  • Frequently and abruptly going to the bathroomSome people go to the bathroom repeatedly, and every once in a while, if they see such a simple person, they have a problem with a kidney stone.
  • Nausea and VomitingOne who often has nausea and vomiting may be suspected of having a kidney stone. Apart from kidney stones, it also indicates other complications, so they should immediately seek the advice and opinion of their doctor.
  • Kidney stones during pregnancyThere is no specific symptom of kidney stones due to pregnancy which indicates kidney stones and the complication caused by them. There are some common symptoms which back pain, during urination pain, and blood in the urine.

Causes of kidney stone

  • Nowadays, it is as common to have calculus in the kidney. As soon as its symptoms are seen, stones require immediate treatment .let us know what causes kidney stones.  
  • Kidney stones happen because of drink very little water.
  • More sugar and salt in food can lead to a kidney stone.
  • Excess of vitamin D.
  • Eating Excessive junk food can also cause this stone.
  • You can also inherit stone.

Types of kidney stone

Calcium Oxalate Stones

  • Common type of kidney stone combines with oxalate in urine to form calcium.

Uric Acid Stones

  • Such kidney stones are found more in gents than in ladies. The acid in our can urine is very high, and then it accumulates in the form of a crystal, which later becomes a stone.

Struvite Stones:

  • More common in women, these breasts can grow and obstruct the urinary tract.

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Treatment of kidney stone

Shock Wave Lithotripsy: This is a technique by which the stone is broken into small pieces by a shock wave. These pieces come out of the body with the help of urine.

Ureteroscopy: During this treatment, doctors try to locate the stone with a tube. When a stone is detected, it is broken into small pieces or thrown out. Only if the size of the stone is small is it removed. The laser beam is used to break the stone.

Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy: During this treatment, the doctor inserts a thin tube directly into the kidney and removes the stone.

Home remedies

Lemon juice and olive oil combination in consumption in two to three times a day.

Both pomegranate juice and its seeds are helpful for the treatment of kidney stones.

Eat 5-7 basil leaves daily. It involves acetic acid and other essential oils, which break the stones and take them out through urine.


Some stones come out automatically; it is necessary to have gold waves or surgery to break other stones. If you’ve already kidney stone, your doctor gives medication to keep it from happening again. 

Also, take care of your diet:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Check food labels
  • Choose food wisely
  • Eat citrus fruits
  • Get plenty of calcium

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Let me know if you know any other tips that allow you to treat yourself the fastest way possible.

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