Low Oxygen Levels Covid: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

With the increasing number of COVID-19 patients, several were left scavenging for hospital beds and gasping for breath.

While the country experienced a vast shortage of oxygen supplies, given that the next wave of COVID-19 took a heavy toll on the general population and claimed many lives, it is essential to control one’s oxygen level and take all the measures to keep oneself afloat during these trying times.

Covid 19 is a respiratory disease, which is why it upsets healthy functions of the respiratory system and may cause low oxygen levels at some point in time.

When oxygen levels in the body drain due to covid disease, the cells in the body do not get oxygen to perform routine body functions.

Given that the oxygen levels remain low, different parts of the body start to fail and collapse. It is why covid 19 may become fatal if not treated in time.

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Low oxygen level covid symptoms

Covid-19 does not always trigger low oxygen levels.

Mild Covid may include signs of fever, cough, and loss of sense of smell and taste. 

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However, people who find it difficult to breathe or feel breathlessness at any given point, they must be taken to the hospital and seek medical treatment.

If you wonder what it feels like to have low oxygen levels in the body, here are some signs and symptoms to help you understand.

Shortness of breath: Hypoxia or low oxygen levels may be connected with a sign such as shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing. 

While the body is deprived of adequate oxygen levels, it becomes hard to function normally. As a result, it may need immediate medical attention.

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Chest pain and respiratory : Low oxygen levels in the body may trigger chest pain ., which should not take lightly.

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Confusion: While oxygen levels in the body ensure the body’s normal function, depleting oxygen levels may lead to impaired thinking and an inability to concentrate. Confusion and headaches can therefore be sure signs.

Bluish lips : Bluish or discoloration of lips indicator of low oxygen levels in your body. 

Also known as Cyanosis, people who lack sufficient oxygen or have high deoxygenated hemoglobin levels within the surface vessels of the skin may develop bluish lips.

Nose flaring : The low oxygen levels in the body make us gasp for breath. We should not ignore nose flaring as a sign. 

When the nasal portion openings spread open while breathing, it could mean that a person has deficient oxygen levels in the body and finds it challenging to breathe accurately.


can take some measures to prevent or prevent conditions that cause lack of oxygen,

smoke: If the test has found COPD or any other lung disease. In such a condition, it is essential to quit smoking. 

Avoid smoking: Avoid going to places where there is a lot of smoke and stay away from people smoking because exposure to them causes damage to the lungs.

Exercise regularly: If you’re having trouble breathing, exercising can be a bit difficult. But exercising strengthens your health and stamina. If you are having discomfort, then you can do simple exercises like walking and yoga. 

Deep breathing exercise: In this process, deep breathing is done.

Healthy eating: Eat foods that are good for health. Drink water: Keep drinking enough water and do not let the lack of water in the body.



Treating oxygen deficiency is to increase the level of oxygen in the blood. The doctor may also prescribe certain types of medicines to treat the internal conditions that cause this condition. 

These drugs are usually given by inhalation, which reaches the lungs through inhalation.

In some severe cases, doctors prescribe oxygen therapy. In this, a device called a cannula is used, which helps in getting more oxygen. 

This device is applied to the outer part of the nose with the help of a mask.

The patient may be given asthma medications, which are taken by mouth or by inhalation. These medicines help in breathing correctly.

If these medicines do not give relief, then the doctor gives you medicines in the veins of the arms. 

`You may also need to take steroid medications to reduce inflammation in the lungs and antibiotics to treat infections.

When the patient’s life is at risk, and no treatment is working, the patient needs a machine to assist with breathing in such a situation

Do you have any questions about choosing the best treatment for early and long lasting recovery? Ask in the comments!

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