Major Depressive Disorder With Psychotic Features

Psychosis is the mental illness in that Person has abnormal thinking, perception, false beliefs, loses touch with reality, hallucination misinterpretation in the absence of stimuli), and delusions. (false fixed beliefs)

The patient also has strange seeing and hearing.

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major depressive disorder recurrent severe without psychotic features
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Schizoaffective manic 

  • Person is having manic symptoms like own greatness, overactivity, etc

Schizoaffective depressed 

    • In the Schizoaffective depressed class, the patient is having symptoms of depression.
    • Mixed 

Psychotic depression

  • Depression with psychotic symptoms

Capgras syndrome (delusion of doubles)

    • It characterizes by the delusional conviction that other Person in the environment is not their real selves but is their doubles.
    • In that misidentification of time, place, and Person.
    • Capgras syndrome occurs in that individual who had a history of paranoid schizophrenia and head injury.

Substance abuse psychosis

  • Due to alcohol or any other substance patient is having a psychotic illness.

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Causes of psychotic disorder

  • A mental disorder like mania, depression, bipolar mood disorder
  • Family history of schizophrenia or mood disorder
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Substance abuse.
  • Medical conditions like cancer, HIV/AIDS, brain tumors, epilepsy, etc.
  • Hormonal problems

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Signs and symptoms of psychotic disorder

  • Hallucination: misinterpretation of hearing, sound, sensory parts.
  • Delusions: false fixed beliefs
  • Depression
  • Manic symptoms ( overactivity, superiority)
  • Poor judgment.
  • Difficulty in concentration
  • The voice that is not real
  • Hearing that is not real
  • Disorientation from time, place and Person

Persistent delusional disorder

  • It is a relatively stable and chronic course characterized by well-systematized delusions of non-bizarre type. (belief s that occurring in a Person’s life but it is not possible to occur)
  • Behavior and emotions are understandable in light of delusions.

Acute and transient psychotic disorder

  • It is a psychotic disorder in that the patient has hallucinations (misinterpretation in the absence of stimuli), delusions (false fixed beliefs), incoherent speech, depressed mood anxiety.
  • Recovery takes place 2-3 months of life.

Induced delusional disorder (shared psychosis)

  • Delusion is a false belief system that develops in an individual closely involved with another demonstrably delusional individual. 
  • One Person transferring the same information to other people. 

Schizoaffective disorder

  • In this disorder, the symptoms of schizophrenia, like hallucination and delusions, and mood disorder symptoms like depression, mania are prominently present within the same episodes.

Major depressive disorder with psychotic features

There are two types of major depressive disorder with psychotic features. In both, hallucinations and delusions are present, but the affected person may experience major depressive disorder with mood-congruent psychotic features or mood-incongruent psychotic features.


Psychotic disorders are effective treatment with a combination of medications and therapies.

A psychiatrist can help determine what your needs are based on the severity of your condition.


Antipsychotic medications are the lines of treatment for psychosis. These help to prevent serotonin or dopamine receptors in the brain to prevent hallucinations and delusions.

If you have a mood disorder, the doctor also recommends antidepressants. These help to improve your depression-related symptoms, such as hopelessness and sadness.


Group therapy

  • Living with group support is necessary to reduce psychotic problems. It will reduce stress.

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Behavior therapy

  • Behavior technique is essential to modify the individual’s adaptive behavior and bring assertiveness into action.

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Social skills training

  • Social skill training is necessary to develop socialization and increase social interaction for socially withdrawal patients. 

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Cognitive therapy

  • A lively imagination and positive thinking are necessary to reduce the symptoms of psychosis. 

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Family therapy

  • Improve the bonding in family members to solve particular problems.

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Electroconvulsive Therpy (ECT)

  • Indication for ECT in schizophrenia include
  • Catatonic stupor
  • Uncontrolled catatonic excitement
  • Severe side effects with drugs
  • Usually, 8-12 ECTs are needed


Psychosis can happen in schizophrenia and other mental health condition.

While psychosis can leave you or your loved ones feeling uncertain, it is treatable when identified early. Treatment will consist of a mixture of medications and lifestyle changes.

Loved ones need to be supportive and patient of family and friends struggling with mental health conditions. 

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