Nursing Management of Normal Puerperium

Puerperium is the period after the birth of the child. It is the period after delivery of the placenta to the six weeks of delivery.
In this phase, the genital and pelvic organs return to a normal pre-pregnant state, and the structure and function of the organ become normal.

So now we see how we can manage it.

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Management of normal puerperium

Monitor the Blood pressure and heart rate at least every 15 minutes.

Monitor amount of vaginal bleeding.

Palpate fundus to ensure amount adequate contractions (if relaxed – massage uterus to enhance oxytocin release).

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Nursing management of normal puerperium

Nursing care after postpartum gives emotional and physical care to the mother.

Components of care during pregnancy

  • Immediate care
  • Care of mother
  • Subsequent care of daily
  • Care of a newborn

Nursing assessment 

  • Observation of bleeding signs and symptoms
  • Palpating the fundus of the uterus into the abdominal wall
  • Inspect the perineum and obvious signs of bleeding
  • Observe the legs for DVT( deep vein thrombosis)

Postnatal exercise

  • Pelvic floor exercise
  • Abdominal tightening
  • Pelvic tilting or rocking
  • Rectus gap
  • Hip hitching
  • Foot and leg exercise

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