Severe Anemia In Pregnancy: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment


Reduction in the quality and quantity of the circulating RBC and decreased hemoglobin concentration is known as Anemia.  

Like you all know that socioeconomic is not so strong in our India that we all can handle. So Anemia is very much on trend these days. Pregnancy can kill both baby and mother.

The average level of hemoglobin is 12-16.5 gm% in females and 13.17.5 gm% in males. If we talk about normal red blood cells, then it is 4.5 to 5.5 million cells. 

Anemia in pregnancy is defined as the Hemoglobin (HB) concentration is less than 11mg/dl.

Don’t tremble. Contact your team to update all your symptoms, and they’ll help you through the way. 

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Let’s learn more about Anemia during pregnancy.

This condition happens when you don’t have enough healthy RBC or hemoglobin in the blood.

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Severe anemia in pregnancy

Severe anemia during your pregnancy increases the risk of premature childbirth, postpartum depression, and having a low birth weight baby. Some study also shows an increased risk of infant death immediately before or after birth.

I have already covered:

Types of anemia during pregnancy

There are many several types of Anemia during pregnancy.

Iron-deficiency Anemia

This type of Anemia happens when the baby does not have enough iron to make adequate hemoglobin amounts. That’s a protein in red blood cells (RBC). It shifts oxygen from the lungs to the relaxation of the body.

Your baby uses your red blood cells (RBC) for growth and development during the pregnancy, mostly the last three months of your pregnancy. If you have stored extra red blood cells in the born marrow before incubation, then your body can use those stores during pregnancy.

In Iron-deficiency blood cannot carry oxygen to tissues through the body. Take good nutrition before conceiving a pregnancy. 

Folic Acid Deficiency Anemia

Folate is the vitamin found clearly in certain foods such as green leafy vegetables and B vitamins.

Folic Acid is a common type of Anemia that happens during pregnancy. Folic Deficiency is a B vitamin that helps with cell growth. If you don’t have enough folic during your pregnancy, then you could get iron deficiency.

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Vitamin B12 Deficiency 

Vitamin B12 is imperative in making red blood cells (RBC). Vitamin B12 founds in fortified food that comes from animals, such as milk, eggs, meats, banana, and fish.

What causes anemia in pregnancy?

Anemia is a common disease for many people during pregnancy. 

When you need enough red blood cells to move oxygen throughout your body, it impacts your organs and bodily functions.

There are more extra than 400 types of anemia. There are different causes, but it often comes down to red blood cell manufacture and health.

By contrast, physiological anemia or dilutional anemia is a normal process related to pregnancy.

While blood volume increase during your pregnancy, the liquid or plasma volume increases more than the increase in red blood cell (RBC) volume.

What are the symptoms of anemia in pregnancy?

In Anemia, your red blood cell counts are very low. The following Symptoms may include:

  • Feeling tiredness
  • Pale skin, nails, or lips
  • Labored 
  • breathing problem
  • Dizziness
  • Cold feet and hands

If you are worried about all over symptoms listed here or if something feels wrong with any symptoms, contact your gynecologist right away.

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How anemia during pregnancy diagnosed?

In most cases, Anemia is avoidable in pregnancy, mainly with your diet take good nutrition or right food.

Many ways to make sure you are getting the mandatory vitamins and minerals to keep your red blood cell (RBC) levels in the right value.

  1. Prenatal vitamins
  2. Iron supplements
  3. Proper Nutrition

Your medical management supplier will check you for Anemia during your prenatal, it’s found your routine blood test. There are many ways to prevent your Anemia include blood tests are hemoglobin and hematocrit.

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Treatment for anemia during pregnancy

During Anemia in pregnancy treatment, it will depend on your symptoms, age, and general health.

In your pregnancy, for iron deficiency, taking iron supplements, and people take 27 milligrams in a day. 

Citrus fruits, vitamin C, enhance iron absorption. Avoid tea, coffee, and phytates. 

If you don’t have Anemia, your doctor can suggest for healthy diet list for your healthy pregnancy.



If you’re trying to become pregnant or also pregnant, be aware of the importance of sufficient amounts of folic acid, iron, and vitamin B12.
Follow your diet, take vitamins, and speak with your gynecologist if you’re experiencing symptoms of anemia.

If you have an iron deficiency, your gynecologist can recommend the course of treatment for you and help decide whether supplementation is necessary.

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Do let me know in the comment box, how you have enhanced your health during pregnancy? And are you also wanted to learn more about treatments?

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