Sexual Dysfunctions And Problems Can Be Caused By…

The sexual disorder is the problem in that couples cannot get sexual satisfaction in sexual activities due to some issues like desire disorder, arousal disorder, and veganism’s pain disorder. 

People feel shyness or hesitation in sharing the problems, but treatment is available for this kind of disease.

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sexual disorder
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Types of sexual disorder

  • Gender identity disorders
  • Behavioral and psychological disorder
  • Paraphilias (disorders of sexual preference
  • Sexual dysfunctions 

Gender Identity Disorders:

  • It is a problem in gender identity disorder like characteristics of female gender and parts of the male gender.
  • Trans sexualism 
  • Gender identity disorder of childhood
  • Dual-role transvestism
  • Intersexuality


  • A person has discomfort regarding one’s anatomical sex and gender and inappropriate feelings regarding their secondary sexual characteristics and adopts the other sex( gender).
  • The diagnosis makes after puberty.


  • Sex-change to the desired gender.

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     Gender-Identity Disorder of Childhood:

  • This disorder similar to transsexualism, and it seems in 2 to 4 years of age. 

     Dual-role Transvestism:

  • This person is wearing clothes of the opposite sex for the experience of temporary enjoyment but without permanent sex changes.


  • The patient has gross anatomical or physiological aspects of the other sex. These aspects can be
  • External genitals, e.g., pseudo-hermaphroditism.
  • Gonads, e.g., ovotestes. ( organ producing both ova and spermatozoa)
  • Internal sex organs, e.g., true hermaphrodite. ( both male and female organs)
  • Hormonal disturbances, 
  • Chromosomes, e.g., Turner’s syndrome, Klinefelter’s syndrome.

Behavioral and Psychological Disorder:


  • opposite to heterosexuality, is the sexual relationship between persons of the same sex.

      Bisexuality :

  • It is of two types: 
  • Male homosexuality(gay), and 
  • Female homosexuality (lesbian).


  • Behavior therapy
  • Supportive psychotherapy
  • Psychoanalytic psychotherapy

Paraphilias (Disorders of Sexual Preference):

 Sexual arousal occurs with a nonhuman object like atypical things, imagination, fantasies, and any situation not part of sexual arousal.


  • Sexual arousal occurs with nonliving objects. 
  • The non-living object magically becomes phallic for the man. Saw them in the male. 
  • The fetish object will be gloves, shoes, brasiers, underpants, stockings, etc.

      Fetishistic Transvestism:

  • This disorder occurs exclusively in heterosexual males. In that person like to wear clothes of the opposite gender and for sexual arousal.  


  • In this disorder, the person shows one’s genitalia in front of a stranger by masturbation for orgasm.
  • Often seen in the male.


  • Observing a naked person or engaging in sexual activity. 


  • It is touching and rubbing against an unsuspecting, non-consenting person (usually of the other sex).
  • Frottage is often employed in crowded protests because she cannot suspect that frottage can commit there. We have seen this in adolescent males. 


  • Pedophilia is a persistent or recurrent adult (age > 16 years and at least five years old then the child) in sexual activity with prepubertal children, either heterosexual. It may be associated with sexual sadism. 

     Sexual Sadism:

  • In this disordered person getting sexual arousal by humiliating and giving extreme pain or psychological pain to others such as sexual partners.
  • It is by providing physical injuries, cutting, stabbing, rape, and killing.

      Sexual Masochism:

  • It is the opposite of sexual sadism in that sexual arousal occur by giving physical and psychological pain such as humiliation on oneself by other people.


  • Sexual activities with the animals. 
  • It is a rare condition. 
  • Other Paraphilias
  • These include sexual arousal with urine (urophilia); feces (coprophilia);
  • enemas (klismaphilia); corpses (necrophilia), among many others. 



  • particular help if the patient is psychologically minded and has good ego strength.

Behavior therapy

  • Aversion therapy is the treatment of choice in severe, distressing paraphilia in pairing pleasant stimuli with unpleasant stimuli. 
  • Hence, unpleasant stimuli, enjoyable, become unpleasant stimuli, so automatically person will decrease the activities.
  • Antipsychotic drugs use with dangerous aggression.


  • In that therapist, take a history of the patient regarding any past trauma to the patient and incidence that can produce anxiety, phobic situation, or guilt feeling into the person. According to that, they will do counseling.


  • In that therapist will induce the state of mind and bring the unconscious material into the conscious state.

Behavior therapy:

  • Modify the patient’s behavior with positive thinking and gradually reduce the anxiety associate with this kind of disorder.

Sex therapy:

  • In that therapist giving counseling to the couple on enjoying sex and marital life with sexual development stages.

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