What is Shyness?: Types, Causes, Treatment And Techniques

What is Shyness?

Shyness is the feeling of discomfort, awkwardness, lack of self-confidence in front of other people, and it is due to social anxiety and low self-esteem.

Shyness leading to complete withdrawal, and it is a behavior problem.

Shyness keeps you away from a good job even after being a capable person, even after knowing well the answers to the questions in the interview, you start stammering in front of the interviewer, and the interviewer understands that you are shy and you should either You are kept on a low salary, or you are rejected.

Are you Shy or Introvert, both the words are not synonyms of each other, but the meaning of both is different? When you want to communicate with someone, but there is a fear in you that you. If you are stopping to communicate, then it means that you are a shy person.

Still, you are excellent in yourself and do not want to talk and socialize more than anyone, then you are an Introvert, while we consider Shy and Introvert to be the same.

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Causes of shyness

About 15% of babies are born with a tendency to be shy. Parents who are authoritarian or overprotective make their children shy. 

Children who are not allowed to experience things have trouble developing social skills.

In many adults, highly critical work environments and public humiliation can lead to shyness.

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What to look for?

Children who play alone and happily are not shy. There are elements of fear and anxiety. The child’s shyness becomes a cause for concern. That is, they never want to leave their parents’ side.

Children who are constantly ridiculed may behave aggressively as compensation for their shyness. People who have experienced neglect may also be at risk.

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Diagnosis of shyness

Sometimes shy kids can’t be diagnosed and treated. Therapists assess shyness by engaging the child in games such as charades and board games. Therapists also use puppets and dolls for the child to play with it.

Prevention of shyness

To manage shyness, parents can help children develop the following skills:

  • Managing anger
  • Using humor
  • Being kind
  • Helping others
  • Keeping secrets

All these abilities will help children to be comfortable with their peers and friends.


  • Assess the cause of shyness.
  • Talk to the child.
  • Provide exposure to the child by arranging small get-to-gather with a peer group.

Which Of The Following Is A Benefit of Group Therapy?

  • Ignore the child’s mistakes.
  • Don’t tell about the comparison of another student. 
  • Do not criticize the child.
  • Give positive motivation to the child whenever perform well and initiative activity.
  • Encourage the child to develop talent and their potentials.
  • Encourage the child to build self-confidence. 
  • Do not force the child to socialize, as this may aggravate shyness.

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