Simple Self-Care Routine At Work

While self-care is just a practice of taking care of ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally, it can sometimes be too easy to get caught up in other things and ignore our needs. 

In the workplace, it’s especially easy to neglect self-care while we focus on our work tasks. A large number of employees tend to eat their lunch at their desks or skip the break altogether, which can lead to increased feelings of stress. 

It’s very important to focus on self-care whenever possible. Taking short breaks at work to cater to our emotional, physical, and mental needs can help us become happier people.

Let’s just quickly jump down below for some tips that you can accomplish during your breaks.

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How to Practice Self Care at Work?

Getting into self-care perspective can be difficult, but at the end of the day, it boils down to prioritizing yourself and your needs.

Here are some ways to practice self-care at work are:

  • Drink plenty of water: It is recommended to drink half a gallon of water daily to stay hydrated and energized.
  • Say no to tasks you can’t complete: Overwork can lead to emotional and physical burnout. 
  • Be transparent with your boss about your emotional needs: Holding your boss in the loop with your emotional needs can help them support you.
  • Use your breaks to detox from your job: Treat a break like a break. Walk away from your desk and use that time to recharge instead of working on your desk.
  • Eat healthy snacks while working: A healthy diet can boost your mood and help you feel lighter and energized. 
  • Make your desk a relaxing space: Getting rid of mess in your work area can help you being focused and feel less stressed.
  • Set boundaries with your boss and co-workers: Don’t enter discussions that make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Ask for help when it’s needed: Your co-workers and boss are there for you when you need them. They are a good resource when you need help. 
  • Make a close friend in the office: Friends at work can relate to your specific work struggles and act as a support system for you. 
  • Don’t let mistakes bring you down: Remember that everyone makes mistakes, so don’t get down on yourself when you do mistakes. 

Many short self-care exercises can be easily woven into your daily work routine. Read on for some tips for mental and physical exercises.

Mental Exercises

Being at work can be repetitive, but there are many ways you can exercise your brain while at the office. 

Completing mentally stimulating exercises at work can help eliminate boredom on slower days while improving your memory, focus, and recall. Some examples:

  1. Do a Crossword Puzzle
  2. Practice a New Language
  3. Listen to a Short Podcast or TedTalk

Physical Exercises

Sitting down all day can have negative impacts on your mind and body. An inactive lifestyle can lead to weight gain, increased feelings of anxiety or depression, heart disease, and stiffness in the neck and shoulders. 

Getting up and active on work breaks can help combat these negative impacts. Some examples: 

  1. Take a Short Walk
  2. Exercise at Your Desk
  3. Do Some Stretches

Emotional Exercises

It’s important to focus on your emotional well-being and mental health while at work. Read on to find out how you can prioritize your emotional well-being on the job.

  1. Do a Guided Meditation 
  2. Listen to Music
  3. Do Art or Color

Frequently Asked question

What is an example of a self-care routine?

Self-care is more than just bubble baths or massages. Examples of everyday self-care might have an extra 15 minutes in the morning to walk, enjoy a cup of tea, read a book, listen to a podcast, call a friend, write, put down your phone, sleep in or take a nap.

How do you self-care while working?

Here are some self-care techniques to use while you are working from home during the outbreak: Set limits.

Consider meditation techniques.

  • Set boundaries
  • Create a routine
  • Communicate your problems
  • Keep your home organized
  • Eat healthy food
  • Find a workout you enjoy
  • Get enough sleep
  • Take breaks throughout the day

What are some good self-care tips?

Some tips for self-care include:

  • Live Healthily, eat healthy foods, get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and avoid drugs and alcohol.
  • Practice good hygiene.
  • See friends build your sense of belonging.
  • Try to do something you enjoy every day.

How do you self-care when you have no time?

let’s see some ideas for self-care:

  • If you have 1 minute. Light a candle
  • If you have 5 minutes. Text a loved one
  • If you have 10 minutes. Play a game
  • If you have 30 minutes. Do your nails
  • If you have 1 hour. Listen to an inspiring podcast.


By trying out a few exercises, you can find healthy habits that work for you. Try to incorporate a mix of physical, mental, and emotional well-being practices into your workday so you can better focus on every area of your life.

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