Is my Sore throat Covid or allergies? | Sore throat first sign of covid

Just a sore throat does not show that you have a covid-19. In most cases, changes in the weather and flu can also be caused by a sore throat.

Till a year ago, a sore throat was a regular thing, and nobody would worry about it. Ever since the Novel Corona virus has spread to every country and a lockdown is being imposed worldwide, there has been fear and panic among the people as soon as there is a sore throat.

Ever since this pandemic has spread, we get worried about the slightest worsening of health, whether we have covid-19 or not. Let us know how to identify the difference between a common sore throat and a sore throat in covid-19 and what steps to take next.

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Is my Sore throat Covid or allergies ? | Sore throat first sign of covid
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Causes of common sore throat

A common sore throat is a common symptom, which is also caused by many allergies, infections, and diseases of the respiratory tract.

Doctor Dipesh Mahendra said that it is mainly caused by one of several respiratory tract viruses or one of them, such as influenza virus, eptin-bar virus, adenovirus.

Sometimes a sore throat can be caused by other allergies, very dry air from air conditioning, pollution caused by irritants in the air, such as tobacco smoke, loud noises, and gastroesophageal reflux disease.

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Significant characteristics and differences

The symptoms of pharyngitis are caused by flu, streptococcal virus, and covid-19. These may cause fever, chills, sore throat, muscle and body pain, fatigue, and headache.

According to the doctor, the most prominent symptom of the flu is that the flu symptoms mainly arise very quickly, whereas the symptoms of covid-19 appear mostly slowly and sometimes even fast.

A person who has a normal sore throat has a sore throat or an itchy throat, which makes him uncomfortable to swallow or swallow. Together, there are swollen red tonsils, and the lymph nodes found in front of the throat are swollen, and it hurts when touched.

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White patches or pus may be present on your tonsils, which causes your voice to be sitting and smelling. Usually, a simple sore throat does not cause phlegm or chest tightness.

In the case of more than 10 percent of covid-19 infections found in India, it was seen that a sore throat has the appearance of itching in the throat and scratching the throat from the inside. But this can be easily differentiated, as increased lymph nodes, swollen tonsils, smelly breath, and poor voice are not commonly seen in patients with Covid 19.

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Is my sore throat covid or allergies ?

Only sore throat is a common cold symptom. It may be due to the flu or any other environmental changes.

If you have a sore throat with a complaint of fever, breathing difficulty, dry cough, or body ache, it may indicate you are infected with covid 19.

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Sore throat first sign of covid

sore throat is less likely a sign of covid than any other typical signs like fever, cough, and breathing difficulty.

Sore throat after wisdom teeth removal

Tooth extraction cause discomfort and soreness in the throat due to the sore and swollen muscles nearby the surgical area. It will be reduced after 3days of tooth extraction.

Sore throat, no fever, coronavirus

Symptoms of covid-19 range from the common cold to severe respiratory disease. A sore throat is one of these symptoms, usually caused by changing weather, drinking too cold, or even pollution. Sore throat is harrowing; it not only causes difficulty in swallowing food and causes a lot of pain.

If you have a sore throat for any reason without fever, it does not make it significant that you are infected with covid.

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Sore throat after covid vaccine

A side effect of the covid vaccine is similar to flu and allergy, so after taking the vaccine, you may feel the fever, runny nose, cough, and sore throat

How to know if you have a covid infection?

Similarly, if you are experiencing phlegm that is often dry and makes it difficult to breathe and you start to gasp, and at the same time your ability to smell or your taste is gone, then either of them Symptoms also shows that you may have a covid-19 infection. Only sore throat does not show that you have covid-19. In most cases, changes in the weather and flu can also be caused due to sore throat.

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Covid treatment

Keeping in mind the current conditions, you should always keep an eye on other symptoms. If it is just a common sore throat and you are following social distancing and wearing a mask and not in contact with someone who is covid positive, drink warm water and take care of your health. Only by keeping it can you solve your problem.

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