What Is Urethral Stricture Permanent Solution?

The urethra is the tubal structure that carries urine from the urinary bladder to drain it. The urethra usually is wide enough to allow urine to flow through it uninterruptedly.

Urethral stricture is a disease when the flow of urine is obstructed due to narrowing of the urethra. Most men are affected by this disease.

Urethral stricture is a medical condition that occurs mainly in men.

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Causes of urethral stricture

Their long urethra causes urethral disease in men. These are rare in women and infants.

Some other possible causes of urethral stricture:

  • Traumatic injuries to the urethra.
  • Instrumentation of urethra.
  • Infections of the urethra. 
  • A condition that causes swelling
  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia

Some rare case of urethral stricture:

  • Untreated or repetitive urinary tract infections
  • A tumor located close to the urethra

Symptoms of urethral stricture

Some common symptoms include restlessness and urinary retention.

  • Obstruction of urine flow
  • Urinary retention
  • Improper bladder control
  • Blood is found in the semen or urine
  • A painful or uncomfortable process of urination, also known as dysuria
  • An incomplete process of emptying the bladder
  • Penile swelling and pain
  • Darkening of the urine

Diagnosis of urethral stricture

Doctors diagnose urethral stricture in men and women by examining your medical history, tests, and other studies.

There are some tests to determine if you have a urethral stricture:

Medical history

To diagnose urethral stricture, doctors report on your past diseases in detail and symptoms. You can get your report made based on the above-given symptoms.

Physical examinations

Specific tests pelvic region and urethral region may also help doctors diagnose urethral stricture. The doctor will investigate if there is any redness in the area.

Some other tests

Many tests are used to diagnose this condition, such as urine flow measurement, cystoscopy, and Chlamydia test for diagnosis.

After diagnosis, patients are admitted to health centers. And also, those people can do urethral stricture treatment at home.

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How can i prevent urethral stricture?

Many urethral stricture treatments can try to prevent your condition.

If you want to eliminate the symptoms, then the urethral stricture home remedy is perfect.

What Is urethral dtricture permanent solution?

Scar tissues are mainly caused by inflammation of tissues or the presence of scar tissues. Scar tissues can develop due to several reasons. If a man has undergone endoscopy where an instrument is inserted into the urethra, he is at risk of developing scar tissue.

Other causes are cancer of the urethra or prostate, radiation therapy, sexually transmitted infections, injury to the urethra, long-term use of a catheter to remove the urinary bladder, and an enlarged prostate.

Men who suffer from sexually transmitted infections have had recent catheter placement, urethritis, and enlarged prostate are at risk of developing this condition.

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Some people have got excellent results from urethral stricture treatment. If you see any symptoms of urethral stricture, contact the doctor, and they can cure it with quick treatment.

Also, if you think we have missed important information in this post, then remind us in the comments below.

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