Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy: How To Deal With It?

Some things are done every day during pregnancy, but some signs can be dangerous, so if you feel any problem during pregnancy, contact a doctor immediately. A similar case is also related to vaginal discharge in pregnancy.

Many times during pregnancy, the vagina of women is discharged, which often causes women to panic. If you have vaginal discharge, then there is no need to worry too much about it.

This journey of raising your child to 9 months in your womb is not easy at all. But, for every pregnant woman, this journey brings happiness and excitement and confusion and fear.

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Causes of vaginal discharge

In pregnancy, due to cervical changes, the release starts to increase more than the vagina. As the due date gets closer, the cervix’s walls and vagina begin to soften, and the woman’s body starts to discharge more to avoid any infection.

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With delivery and labor approaches, the child’s head also starts to suppress the cervix, and due to this, more discharge starts to occur from the vagina. This type of discharge is not typical.

If the discharge from your vagina is yellow or green instead of white, it is very smelly and is also causing itching and redness in the vagina.

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All symptoms are an indication that you have a vaginal infection. It is done. Excessive discharge or normal discharge in many cases can also be an indication of sexually transmitted disease.

Discharge colors and their meaning

The colors of vaginal discharge may indicate different health issues. These include:

Clear or milky white

This color suggests leukorrhea, which is a normal and healthy discharge, especially if it smells mild.

White and lumpy

Vaginal discharge during pregnancy that is lumpy and white, resembling cottage cheese, can indicate a yeast infection.

Green or yellow

Green or yellow discharge is not healthy and suggests a sexually transmitted infection, such as Chlamydia or trichomoniasis.

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Gray vaginal discharge indicates a vaginal infection called bacterial vaginosis if it has a fishy smell that becomes more vigorous following intercourse.


Vaginal discharge is brown due to old blood leaving the body, which can be an early pregnancy symptom. However, Brown’s discharge during pregnancy is not a cause for concern.

A pregnant woman who experiences dark brown discharge should contact their doctor.


Pink color discharge during pregnancy may not be typical. Discharge with a pink hue often occurs in the final weeks as the body prepares for labor. It can also occur before a miscarriage.

Dealing with vaginal discharge during pregnancy

An increase in the volume of smelling vaginal discharge during pregnancy is average, but colors and odors often indicate infection.

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Your doctor prescribes antibiotics and other medications to treat infections in this area of the body.

In addition, women can maintain vaginal discharge during pregnancy by doing the following:

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  • Avoiding douching.
  • Avoid using tampons.
  • Eating a healthy diet and avoiding sugar, which can encourage yeast infections.
  • Avoiding wearing tight jeans, which increase the risk of infection.
  • Drying the genitals after swimming or showering.

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When to contact a doctor?

Whenever you feel that your vaginal discharge is not expected during pregnancy, contact your gynecologist immediately if the symptoms mentioned above start appearing in themselves.

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Self-medication can be dangerous in such cases. Sometimes, spotting during pregnancy can also be expected; you must tell the doctor about it despite this.

Also, if you see bleeding, abdominal pain, or cramps, go to the doctor immediately.


An increase in discharge during pregnancy is average, but discharge alongside solid odors in the vagina or abdomen indicates a severe health issue.

Women take immediate medical care if they experience spotting or bleeding or occurs alongside pain or cramps.

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