Vaginal disorders: Symptom, Causes, Diagnosis And Treatment

The vaginal disorder is the most common reason for women to go to the doctor. They may have symptoms that include:

  • Itching
  • Burning
  • Pain
  • Abnormal bleeding
  • Discharge
vaginal bleeding disorders
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Types of vaginal disorders

Vaginal agenesis

Vaginal agenesis is a birth defect few women, it can make sex and having a baby impossible and it happen when vaginal does not develop fully.

A symptom of vaginal agenesis is a condition called “amenorrhea.” It is lack of menstrual period after puberty.

Vaginal Septum

Vaginal septa can be single or multiple in the upper or lower segments may be partial or complete.

Septum located in the lower vagina is often done and can because of hematometra.

Septum situated in the upper vagina is often perforated.

The longitudinal septum of the vagina may be present when the distal parts of the Mullerian ducts fail to use. It may be associated with a double uterus and double cervix, which may cause dyspareunia and obstruct delivery.

Vaginal Atresia

 Vaginal lower portion consists of fibrous tissue.

Hymen Abnormalities

Imperforate hymen is the common abnormality due to the DISSOLUTION’s failure of the central cells of the Mullerian eminence that projects into the urorgenic sinus.

Menstrual blood collects behind the hymen, and accumulated blood first distends the vagina.

The uterine cavity gets filled after that, and in late neglected cases, the tubes may also get distended after the fimbrial ends become closed by adhesions.

Narrow Introitus

The existence of narrow intoitus is revealed after marriage when the woman complains of a mental disorder or childless investigation.

Treatment is manual stretching under general anesthesia or surgical enlargement(perineoplasty).

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