What Does Selenite Do? | Does Selenite Need To Be Cleansed?

The crystals are remarkably peaceful. They create a deep sense of inner peace and clarity and carry a very high vibration, making them ideal for healing.

Another wonderful property of Selenite is the crystal cleansing and clearing of negative energy and vibrations. Unlike other spiritual stones, you don’t have to recharge or clean your selenite crystal as it does on its own.

Selenite is the most powerful healing stone.

It gives a peaceful environment when stones are placed around the house and is an excellent stone for meditation.

Other names for Selenite

Several other names, including know selenite, as

  • Satin spar
  • Desert rose
  • Gypsum flower
  • Butterfly selenite or golden phantom
  • Disodium selenite
Does Selenite Need To Be Cleansed?
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Here are some of the main purported healing benefits of a selenite crystal:

  • It dispels negativity from surroundings. 
  • Promotes ease of meditation and a sense of deep relaxation that brings about harmony and inner peace. It deeply resonates with our higher chakras to remove energy.
  • Vibrates energy at high frequency.
  • Promotes connection and camaraderie.
  • Enhances powers of manifestation.
  • Clears the blocked energy.
  • Elevates the spirituality.
  • Helps you access your intuition.
  • It is an effective space cleanser.
  • Promotes peace and calm.
  • Provides clarity.

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Improving the quality of life

It’s very positive, and it encourages emotional well-being. So it’s a universal cleansing crystal. 

Cleansing for one’s aura and chakras often It feels like it cleanses the energy from it and renews it for my benefit in use.

It promotes truth, honesty, and intuition. It’s just wonderful, super wonderful, and effective at relieving stress and anxiety. It’s a great anxiety and stress reliever.

It clears energies from all of our parts in the body. It provides the ability to enhance spiritual growth, understanding self-awareness, and awareness of others. 

It stimulates emotional healing, spiritual and physical healing, improving mental clarity and flexibility. It reduces the negativity, negative people, energy, and vibrations and forms like a nice protective.

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How to use Selenite?

There are several ways to use Selenite, including:

  • Meditating while holding it
  • Wearing it as a jewelry
  • Placing it over the chakras
  • Using it to cleanse other crystals

It can also use around your home to restore energy and remove toxic buildup located in your home.

Does selenite need to be cleansed?

  • Crystals are too effective at healing because they can absorb the negative energy and remove it. So it can become overloaded, and it should be purified from time to time.
  • Make a day special for cleansing, and according to your environment and suitability, you can cleanse the crystal.

Ways to clean your crystal:

  • Put the crystal outside or on a windowsill on a full moon or in sunlight to recharge.
  • Use the rainwater to clean them with water.
  • Soak the crystal into the bowel of saltwater.
  • Smudge them with a sage stick
  • Bury them around 24 hours.


Selenite is a powerful healing crystal that promotes peace and calm, mental clarity, and well-being.
Some also believe that this crystal can remove negative energy and help you connect to higher realms.

There’s no evidence to support the metaphysical or healing properties of crystals. Still, you may find personal benefits from using them in rituals and meditation practices or wearing them as jewelry. Many people swear by crystals, and there’s no harm in giving Selenite a try.

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