What Is Recreational Therapy Definition?

What is Recreational Therapy?

Recreational therapy works leisure activities to help people with specific health conditions improve their skills, abilities, overall health, and emotional well-being.

Importance of Play activities in Hospitalized Child

Hospitalization is an unpleasant experience for both for adults and mostly for children, who have to leave familiar places. 

Admitting into the hospital causes stress and anxiety in the child`s family. 

The leading causes of such negative feelings include fear of pain, death, medical assessment, and separation from the parents. 

Play activities of ill hospitalize children are the psychosocial and cognitive development of children that lead to the emotional and physical wellbeing of the children. 

Play is a form of communication and self-expression, which gives them the possibility of communicating with both the family and the medical and nursing staff while helping them process a series of emotions.

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Child Development
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Types of play activities for hospitalized children

Physiological enhancing play: Enhancing play makes the child motor and physical growth of the child.

Instructional play: An educational/ instructional play is a game/ play for teaching the skill and make them divert from treatment. 

Games are learning tools for the child to help to develop the interaction, socially involved, expressing emotions, motivating creativity into the child. 

Emotional outlet/ dramatic play:  Dramatic play is a term that refers to the everyday make-believe games kids naturally enjoy.

Dramatic play involves the games or activities which make the child interested according to the child`s age.

The dramatic play itself creates an exciting story for the child, so it will not require any toys for the child.

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Importance of play

Play helps in the development of children in various aspects, i.e., physical intellectual or educational, emotional moral, and social.

Physical development

Muscular and sensory abilities developed during the time running, climbing riding cycle, and in other active play.

These activities help to strengthen muscle and help to learn coordinated movement skills

The young children learn to differentiate the sensation by visual, auditory, and tactile stimulation through the use of play materials.

Intellectual and educational development

This development promotes during play. Children learn color, shape, size and number, distance, height, speed, and name of the object, etc.

While playing with toys and various playthings. Creative ability problem solving, abstract thinking, imagination, communication, and speed development occur during play. 

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Emotional development

Play improves emotional development. Children express their fear, anxiety, anger, joy, etc. during play.

It reduces stress and strain and removes irritability and destructive, thus enhances the coping ability. It helps to communicate with others and outside the world. Play help in socialization.

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Moral development

Play is a means of moral development. Children learn morality from parents, teachers, and other adults. During play with peers, child behavior will reflect the right and wrong things, honesty, sportsmanship, and value system.

The child becomes creative and independent by play.

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