What Is The New Corona Variant Called?

All the countries have become alert after the new variant of Corona came to the fore. The new variant of Corona has been named ‘Omicron.’

After the arrival of this variant, all the countries are taking different steps. The first case of Omicron came in South Africa, after which its cases have been seen in different countries of the world.

Omicron Virus
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What is omicron virus symptoms?

Symptoms are classified into common symptoms, less common symptoms & serious symptoms.

Most common symptoms

The most common symptoms for the new Omicron Variant are fever, tiredness, cough, loss of taste or smell.

Less common symptoms

Less common symptoms for the Omicron COVID Variant are sore throat, headache, pains, diarrhea, aches, a rash on the skin, discoloration of fingers or toes.

Red or irritated eyes.

Serious symptoms

Serious symptoms for the Omicron COVID Variant are difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, confusion, or chest pain.

The Omicron COVID variant is spreading worldwide, with Europe one of the current hotspots.

First seen in South Africa, the more virulent Omicron COVID-19 variant is now spreading worldwide. 

Following its find at the end of November, there have now been at least 6,430 confirmed cases of the covid variant detected in 70 countries, according to the ECDC.

If anyone has these symptoms, they should take the COVID test.

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Why was this variant named Omicron?

Let us tell you that all the variants of the virus that have come so far have been kept according to the series of the Greek alphabet. There are 24 words in the Greek alphabet, whose 15th letter is ‘Omicron.

Many forms of Coronavirus have come to the fore, in which you must have heard the name of Delta the most. Apart from this, many variants like Alpha, Beta, and many more have been revealed. 

Let us know how these variants are named. For example, let us tell you that Omicron is the 15th variant.

Coronavirus Omicron Variant: Viruses keep changing their form, due to which their new variants keep on forming. There is not much change in how the new strain or variant works.

Once the host has reached a body, the virus starts making copies of its RNA rapidly so that its number keeps on increasing.

When the virus increases its number, then by mistake or randomly copy of RNA gets disturbed; this is called a scientific mutation.

Due to this, its form changes, and a new strain appears.
Sometimes the Alpha (Corona Virus Alfa Variant) and sometimes the Delta Variant (Corona Virus Delta Variant) killed untimely people.

Now the world is scared due to the arrival of a new variant Coronavirus Omicron Variant.

Scientists around the world are constantly monitoring these changes happening in Coronavirus. In addition, researchers are helping experts understand how some strains of Corona spread faster than others and infect more people.

On 24 November 2021, a new COVID Variant was identified in South Africa. The new COVID Variant is Omicron, WHO or World Health Organization (WHO) has designated the new COVID Variant as the variant of the problem. After knowing that a variant of COVID has been identified, the world is not panicking about this.

Omicron COVID Variant

A study from all over the world is now finding this COVID Variant. There are performing various studies to understand this variant of concern.

On 26 November 2021, the variant of COVID was named “Omicron” by the WHO TAG-VE or Technical Advisory Group on Virus Evolution. The new variant of COVID is named B.1.1.529.

WHO Recommended actions to stop the spread?

The effective steps people can take to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus is:

  1. Keep a physical distance of 1 meter from others
  2. Wear a mask
  3. Keeps your hands clean
  4. Avoid poorly ventilated or crowded spaces
  5. Open windows to improve ventilation
  6. Get vaccinated


The Omicron variant has a big number of mutations which means the virus acts differently from other variants that are circulating.

As of 1 December 2021, there are limited details about Omicron. Studies are continuing to determine if there is a change in how easily the virus spreads or the severity of the infection it causes, and any impacts on protective measures.

It will likely take time to determine if there is any change in the transmission of Omicron compared to other variants, how the variant responds to existing therapeutics, or whether infection or re-infection with Omicron causes more or less severe disease.

Also, if you think we have missed important information in this post, then remind us in the comments below.

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