What is Uterine Abnormalities?: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

The uterus is the organ in a female body that holds a baby. 

Uterine abnormality is a type of female genital tract malformation result from abnormal development of the Müllerian ducts during embryogenesis, preventing the formation of a normal uterus.   

Shape of the uterus is the risk of miscarriage, or premature birth can be higher in these cases. 

Uterine Abnormalities can occur due to a birth defect disability. In the womb, infants develop two separate halves of their uterus that merge before birth. 

What is Uterine Abnormalities?

Uterine Abnormalities are anatomical problems with the uterus that women are born with a Birth defect, including Septate, unicornuate, bicornuate uterus.

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Uterine Abnormalities

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What are the symptoms of uterine abnormalities?

  • Metrorrhagia Irregular blood loss outside of menstruations.
  • Recurrent Miscarriage or Infertility
  • During Pregnancy or labor, the baby’s condition becomes abnormal.
  • Pre-mature Birth
  • Dyspareunia pain during sexual intercourse
  • Pain before and during menstruations
  • Abdominal Discomfort

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What are the causes of uterine Aabnormalities?

  • In women, abnormal uterine bleeding is caused by a hormone imbalance.
  • Family history
  • Birth defect
  • DES in early pregnancy
  • infection of the cervix

Types of uterine abnormalities

women’s uterus’ shape is required if you become pregnant because it affects how a baby lies in your womb. 

According to shapes of the uterine, let us look for types:

1)Absent Uterus

Uterus is not present, vagina only rudimentary and absents.

The situation is also called the failure of the uterus and the vagina to develop not correctly in women who have a normal ovarian function and normal external genitalia.

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2) Unicornuate uterus.

A uterus is a genetic condition that causes half of your uterusto form. As a have a single fallopian tube instead of two and a uterus that’s usually smaller in size.

It sounds pretty noticeable, but often, you don’t find out about it until you start trying to conceive and possibly have get pregnancy

A unicornuate uterus can affect your ability to get pregnant and to carry a pregnancy to term:

If you known as the side effects include: 

chances of Breech pregnancy 

increased chances of cesarean delivery.

increased risk for placenta previa.

Premature birth.

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3) Double Uterus

“A double uterus is a rare abnormality that develops when a baby girl is in her mother’s womb. Every uterus starts as two small tubes called Mullerian ducts.

As they begin to develop, they commonly fuse to form one uterus. But in a rare case, the tubes remain separate and become two uteri.

It is possible for women with a double uterus to carry a baby. However, the condition increases the risk of miscarriage or premature delivery.

If any woman has a double vagina with a double uterus, she may experience heavy menstrual bleeding even after inserting a tampon or menstrual cup. She placed the tampon inside one of her vaginas, but there is still bleeding from the other vagina.

Surgery is possible to treat a double uterus, but it’s rarely needed. There is no need to treat the condition for women who have a double uterus but are experiencing no symptoms. There is no need to treat the condition.

4) Bicornuate uterus 

This is one of the most usual types of uterine irregularities.

Due to a bicornuate uterus, there are possibilities of miscarriage later and delivering your baby early.

The only higher A part of that part of the Müllerian method that forms the uterus failed to develop. Thus the rear part of the uterus is normal; the cranial region is Bifurcate. The womb is not round. Instead, it’s shaped like a heart.

5) Septate uterus 

A septate uterus is a deformity of which occurs during fatal development before birth. 

A uterine septum is the usual uterine malformation and a cause for miscarriages. 

A uterine septum correct with the hysteroscopic surgery. 

6) DES  uterus

The uterine space has a “T-shape” as a result of the fetus showing Diethylstilbestrol.

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Diagnostic evaluation

  • Magnetic Resonance  Imaging    
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Hysterosalpingography
  • Laproscopy
  • Gynecology ultrasonography

What are treatment of uterine abnormalities?

The only treatment option for uterine Abnormalities surgery, but not you may necessary.

Uterine Abnormality may contribute to fertility problems, but many women with the condition have healthy, successful pregnancies, with or without surgery. 

Surgical possibility depends on the extent of the individual situation. 

Women with a congenital reproductive abnormality who have not achieved pregnancy within six months of trying then they should to go for a check-up fertility specialist or famous gynecologist.

Surgery can repair the defective organ, eliminate Discomfort during menses or sexual relations and improve fertility and pregnancy outcomes. 

A uterine septum that combines hysteroscopic & laparoscopy procedures. This procedure dramatically decreases the rate of miscarriage for women with Müllerian duct anomalies.

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