Which Of The Following Is A Benefit of Group Therapy?


In group therapy, emotionally disturbed people are placed into one group by one or more therapists to bring the individual changes.

It helps the patient enhance social skills and interaction and solve individual, family, or community problems.

Group therapy is a less time-consuming procedure in which usually 8-10 people can be treated at one time. 

Group therapy sessions are held once or twice a week, with each session lasting 1-2 hours. The patients usually sit in a circle. 

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Benefit of group therapy

  • To examine the interpersonal relationships. 
  • Imparting of information
  • Universality- client learns that others in the group have problems, thoughts, and feelings similar to his own. 
  • Altruism- is the process of clients aiding or helping each other and being unselfish, and giving to others. 
  • Corrective recapitulation of the primary family group.- means the client gain insight into his behavior. 
  • Development of socializing Techniques- role play and feedbacks in group therapy help to develop social skills.
  • Catharsis 
  • The therapy should provide a safe, comfortable atmosphere for the patient.
  • Focus on here and now
  • Use transference situations to develop insight into their problems.
  • Protect members from verbal abuse or form of scapegoating. 
  • Provide positive reinforcement that provides ego support and encourages future growth.
  • Develop the ability to recognize group members’ responsibility when a group member is fragile; he should approach in a gentle, supportive, and nonthreatening manner.

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Therapeutic factors involved in group therapy

Sharing experience

  •  in that patients get the idea that they are not isolated, others also have similar problems.

Support to group members

  • Receiving help from other group members can support the person helped.
  • Sharing action of being mutually supportive provides a sense of belongingness for the patients who feel isolated in their everyday lives.


  •  The acquisition of social skills within a group through comments that members provide about one another’s social skills deficiencies.

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  •  It is learning from observing and adopting the behavior of other group members.

Interpersonal learning

  • They can learn the difficulty in their relationship by interacting with the group members. 

Some techniques involved in group therapy

  • Reflecting or rewarding comments of group members.
  • Observe the individual’s reaction to one members’ statement.
  • Notify the shared feelings within the group.
  • Summarizing the session.

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